Cheetos announces Sweetos, their first sugary snack

Cheetos Sweetos

Are you a fan of savory or sweet snacks? Either way, Chester Cheetah has you covered! For the first time in their 67-year history, Cheetos is launching a sweet variety of crunchy snacks, appropriately deemed Sweetos.

Although the cinnamon-sugar puff snacks will be offered for a “limited time” during the Easter candy-buying season, Jeff Klein, vice president of brand marketing for parent-company Frito-Lay North America, told USA Today that offering a sweet variety “is not a short-term strategy.”

“We are looking for growth outside of the cheese puff segment,” he said. He added they are looking into other sweet flavors besides cinnamon-sugar — although the cinnamon does have an essential Cheeto-esque quality. “We believe the orange Cheetos dust that comes off on your fingers is an important part of the Cheetos eating experience — for some it’s the best part. Absolutely there will be a similar playful experience when eating Sweetos.”

Sweetos will be available nationwide in late February.

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