Charges dropped against high schooler who exposed himself in yearbook photo


Hunter Osborn, the Arizona teenager who possibly faced a staggering amount of charges after he exposed himself in a yearbook prank, is now free and clear.

Mesa, Arizona police announced they would not be pursuing charges for the whopping 69 counts of indecent exposure Osborn faced, mainly because “all parties involved no longer desired prosecution.”  Hunter, on a dare, let it all hang out during the taking of the Red Mountain High School team football photo.

Osborn’s exposure went unnoticed until after the picture cleared the editorial process and was distributed in the school’s yearbook.

The police’s decision came after a Maricopa County Attorney’s Office representative announced their office had decided against prosecuting the student for an additional felony count of furnishing harmful items to minors.

A petition was filed arguing that all the charges were extremely excessive for a mere prank gone wrong. In this particular case it looks like the authorities agreed.

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