Oprah tells Lindsay Lohan to “cut the bullsh*t” in first ‘Lindsay’ trailer

Lindsay Lohan in "Lindsay" - OWN

OWN has released the first official look at Lindsay Lohan’s reality show Lindsay and I have to admit that it looks pretty darn fascinating.

If this trailer is any indication, the series, which promised to be a look at a celebrity trying to rebuild a publicly tarnished life, actually becomes a documentary about the difficulties of trying to piece together a show when your subject is Lindsay Lohan.

We start off with Lohan narrating about how she’s been there – done that when it comes to the party lifestyle. She’s hounded by paparazzi as she’s on the way to an AA meeting, she says she feels like a prisoner all the time… Then there’s her mom Dina and her fame-loving father Michael and a sober coach…

Add it all up and this could prove to be some very entertaining TV:

Towards the end of the teaser Oprah is seen being driven around and told about all the difficulties the crew is having trying to get Lindsay to cooperate. Winfrey says, “This is exactly what everybody said was going to happen and I believed differently. She doesn’t understand, this is your life.”

Lindsay Lohan sober coach

Next, Lohan and Oprah are seen together talking and the TV mogul insists that she really does want to see Lindsay win. Lindsay tells her she wants the same and Oprah informs her that she needs to “cut the bullsh*t” then.

Lindsay premieres this Sunday at 10/9c on OWN. Can’t lie, I’m going to be watching.

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