It’s the Food Network Star semifinals: Who will rejoin the competition?

FNS Dominick

The producers of Food Network Star decided to mix some things up this season–they’re giving one dismissed contestant a chance to rejoin the show. The contestants who’ve lost have been competing weekly on Star Salvationa web-based series that airs weekly following each new episode of Food Network Star. Both shows are down to what would, normally, be their final three contestants: Arnold, Jay, and Eddie on Food Network Star, and Rue, Dom, and Alex on Star Salvation.

FNS Alex

Except that the newest episode of Star Salvation ends juuust short of revealing which chef will rejoin the competition. Short, as in agonizingly short. Tantilizingly short. Mouth-wateringly short. So short that your brain locks up the same way it does when you’re presented with amazing food that you can’t eat every week.

Food Network Star is running a poll for the final three chefs, asking viewers to pick which one we’d like to see come back. The poll is just for fun, and has nothing to do with the actual results of the competition. If it indicates the real-life winner, though, the result would be a landslide: currently, the tally is 8.69% of the vote for Chef Alex, 11.46% for Chef Rue, and a whopping 79.84% for Chef Dom “Mac Truck” Tesoriero.


Unfortunately, a recent Twitter-scouring reveals not even the most minor, least significant spoiler from the remaining cast members. Though, clearly, the Star Salvation chefs are excited about tonight’s reveal:



The Food Network Star finalists are having a good time, as well:



So: Who’s going to make it back into the Food Network Star competition in time for tonight’s semifinal? And who’s going to win it all next week?


(Photo credits: Food Network Star)

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