Cameron Diaz thinks “every woman does want to be objectified”

Cameron Diaz revealed an interesting perspective in regards to feminine sexuality during an interview with The Sunday Times. The 40-year-old was discussing her enjoyment of participating in racy photo shoots and why she doesn’t mind showing what she’s got when she stated the following:

“I think every woman does want to be objectified. There’s a little part of you at all times that hopes to be somewhat objectified, and I think its healthy.”

In this case Diaz is clearly speaking of sexual objectification. For clarity, this practice is defined this way via Wiki (citing scholastic works):

The objectification of women involves the act of disregarding the personal and intellectual abilities and capabilities of a female; and reducing a woman’s worth or role in society to that of an instrument for the sexual pleasure that she can produce in the mind of another.

Cameron went on to bemoan the intense spotlight and microscope that young stars find themselves the focus of in today’s constant social media environment:

“I wouldn’t have survived it. Nobody in their twenties can. That’s when you do all your stupid sh!t. You’re supposed to be an idiot. You’re supposed to get drunk, or go out with a guy who’s terrible for you.”

Diaz got her start as a model and was also featured in a 1992 soft core bondage film called She’s No Angel when she was just 19 before her Hollywood career proper caught fire with The Mask.

Do you agree with Cameron Diaz’s take on the objectification of women?