Ramona Singer vs. Cameron Diaz: side-by-side bikini photos

Which bikini body is Cameron Diaz and which is Ramona Singer?

Last season’s premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City featured a revitalized Ramona Singer who not only had a new outlook on life, but also had a new hairdo and a trimmed down, super-toned bikini body, which she proudly displayed on her Hamptons boat party with the rest of the Big Apple ladies.

Ramona’s exuberance, rekindled lust for life and elevated self-confidence drew a few chuckles from her cast mates, fans and even Andy Cohen – especially when she mentioned a couple times that she looked like Cameron Diaz. I confess that I was on the snickering side of the fence on this one, and I’m even willing to admit that the motivation for this post was to have a little fun at Ramona’s expense in honor of the RHONYC premiere Thursday, April 7.

BUT, after doing a bit of research and putting Ramona Singer and Cameron Diaz side-by-side in equally revealing swimwear, I am surprised to reveal that Ramona is AT LEAST as hot as Cameron!

Cameron Diaz and Ramona Singer in side-by-side bikini pictures

Yes, I admit it! But tell me honestly, did you know which was which in the photo at the top?

And let me remind you that Ramona is 54 and Cameron is 38. For those with math difficulties, that’s 16 years!

Ramona, I tip my hat. You’ve always been one of my favorite Bravolebrities, but my whole fan perspective has changed now that I’m of the opinion you are sexier than Cameron Diaz.

I realize my revelation will not sit well with the webisphere, but you commenters can fire away all you want! I’m gonna sit back with a big jug of Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio and watch the fireworks fly Thursday night, all the while wondering if perhaps Knight and Day wouldn’t have sucked as bad if they had just cast Ramona alongside Tom Cruise.