California man Isidro Garcia held ex-girlfriend’s daughter captive for 10 years

Isidro Garcia Mug Shot

A 25-year-old California woman has been freed 10 years after she was reportedly taken captive by her mom’s disgruntled boyfriend, Isidro Garcia.

The Santa Ana Police Department said the young woman — who hasn’t been identified — contacted authorities via Facebook after working up the courage to defy her abuser.

The victim was originally reported missing by her mother in 2004, when she was just 15. At the time, 31-year-old Isidro was living with the victim, her sisters and her mom (his girlfriend at the time). The mother suspected Isidro was responsible for her daughter’s abduction, but didn’t have any evidence.

Speaking to police this week, the victim explained Isidro kidnapped her in August 2004 by drugging her, driving her to another town, locking her in the garage and forcing her to use falsified documents. He repeatedly told her that family had given up on looking for her and they would be deported if she went back to them. He also physically and sexually assaulted the victim.

Although Isidro rarely let the young woman out of his sights, she said there were opportunities to escape. She just never attempted to flee because of the mental and emotional abuse. (Goes to show how powerful that hold can be on victims.)

With the false documents, Isidro and the victim worked nights at a cleaning service. He forced her to marry him in 2007, when she was 18. She had his child in 2012.

The victim reached out to her sister via Facebook this spring. With her sister’s encouragement, she later contacted police, who busted Isidro on Tuesday, May 20. He has been charged with Kidnap for Rape, Lewd Act With Minor and False Imprisonment.

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