Caitlyn Jenner will not be charged with manslaughter in fatal traffic accident


There will be no Caitlyn Jenner manslaughter charges in the wreck that claimed one life and injured several others, prosecutors announced on Wednesday. Earlier reports from within the LAPD investigation gave Caitlyn “better than 50-50 odds” of being charged.

Prosecutors cited “insufficient evidence to support a case” in their refusal to bring charges. Jenner had been ticketed for traveling at an unsafe speed in the aftermath of the February 7th wreck, in which Caitlyn (then Bruce), who was towing an off-road vehicle, crashed into two cars, and pushed one of them into oncoming traffic.

The driver of that car, Kim Howe, died after her Lexus was struck by a Hummer.

The department’s official report, however–a simple one-page declaration–cleared Jenner of the speeding charge, saying she “was traveling slightly [less than] the posted speed limit and began breaking less than two seconds before the crash.”

Caitlyn Jenner manslaughter

Caitlyn Jenner released a short statement following the prosecutor’s announcement. That statement reads: “It is a devastating tragedy. I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. I am praying for them.”

Though there will be no Caitlyn Jenner manslaughter charges, the families of both Kim Howe and the injured third driver are pursuing wrongful death lawsuits in civil court.


(Photo credits: Caitlyn Jenner manslaughter via Twitter, Instagram)

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