Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul got matching Breaking Bad tattoos on the last day of filming

Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad Tattoo
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will carry a little piece of Breaking Bad for the rest of their lives — in the form of matching tattoos.

The ink was done on the last night of Breaking Bad‘s production when the cast and crew gathered for celebratory drinks. A set decorator who moonlights as a tattoo artist suggested the idea and pulled out his supplies.

A camera assistant volunteered to go first and got the show’s logo printed across his bum.

Then Paul went. Similar to something his character Jesse Pinkman may sport, Paul’s ink is along the insides of his biceps.

Finally, it was Cranston’s turn.

“Bryan’s not a tattoo guy,” said his wife of 24 years, Robin Dearden, in an interview for the August issue of GQ. “He’s the last person who would ever do it.”

Defying his wife’s expectations, Cranston tapped into the spirit of his chemistry-teacher-turned-drug-lord character and went for it. He got with subtle marking on his ring finger.

“I wanted something… something that would give me private personal pleasure, like when I pass by and catch a glimpse of a picture of my mom, or my old manager. People who are gone now,” Cranston said. “And it seemed appropriate. I mean, Breaking Bad changed my life.”

The final season of Breaking Bad will premiere on AMC on August 11 at 9/8 p.m. CST.

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