Breaking Bad season 4 official trailer, premiere date released

Walter White from Breaking bad season 4 trailer

During season 3 of Breaking Bad, particularly the episode entitled “Fly,” I realized that I was watching the finest performance by a lead actor in a TV series that I have ever seen. That’s a big statement, especially coming after only 3 seasons, but the facts were the facts; Bryan Cranston as Walter White is as good as acting gets on television.

If you’re a fellow passenger on the Heisenberg bandwagon you’ve been patiently waiting to find out when the 4th season of the best drama on TV was firing up its cookers and getting back to work. Well the wait is over and soon we can emerge from our Winnebago and get back to the impossibly entertaining world of Walter, Jesse, Skyler, Walter Jr., Saul, Pollos hermanos and the rest. The date is July 17 at 10PM EST.

In addition to knowing when we can return to being mesmerized by Cranston, who was won the Emmy for best lead actor in a drama series for each of the three seasons the show has been in existence (translated – perfection), AMC has provided a spoiler free but still Heisenberg level kick butt trailer. Make sure Pinkman is Okay and then check it out!

“Once you break bad you never go back.”  I am beside the sides of myself waiting for season 4!