Aaron Paul says marriage to Lauren Parsekian is easy and exceeds all his expectations


Newlywed Aaron Paul married wife Lauren Parsekian this May, and so far it’s been the best time of his entire life. Icing on the cake, of course, is that Breaking Bad won the best drama series Emmy Sunday night with wife Lauren was by his side.

“It was the greatest experience of my entire life,” he said of their wedding. “And she’s still with me, which is just fantastic. Four months strong. Marriage is easy. I always thought [being married] was going to be the greatest time of my life, and it has definitely proven that,” he added, “but it’s surpassed every expectation that I’ve ever had.”

Aaron was head-over-heels for Lauren, who co-founded the Kind Campaign, the second he met her a few years ago at Coachella. From the beginning their romance has been like a fairytale. “The first night her and I hung out, we had our first kiss on the Ferris wheel. I told her that night that one day I was going to marry her,” he said. “We knew it was something so magical.”

These days, most people live together before they get hitched, but Aaron and Lauren aren’t just newlyweds, they’re new roommates. Thankfully, it’s working out well. “We wanted something to look forward to,” Paul explain. “Being roommates with her is the best.”


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