Aaron Paul’s mom gushes over new fiancee, activist Lauren Parsekian

Lauren Parsekian Aaron Paul

The good news is out that Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul is now engaged to his lovely activist girlfriend Lauren Parsekian. As is often the case, we as fans are left not knowing how to feel because sometimes we know very little about the person a celebrity is going to marry. Actually, we usually don’t know the celeb in question either but we at least think we do.

When I write “good news” like above I’m basing this on the belief that the two who have agreed to get married are madly in love. Heck, I could be dead wrong, this could be a Dourtney sitch and a publicity grab for all I know.

It’s times like these when you need mom’s wisdom and grace and by gosh Paul’s momma Darla Haynes Sturtevant has provided just that in spades.

Want to know how to feel about Paul’s bride to be? Just ask his momma! This is what she wrote on her Facebook wall after the news was announced:

Now that the dust has settled and the masses know of your engagement, I want to tell you just how excited I am; as a mother and future mother in law. Aaron I have spent most of your life praying for the perfect partner for you, just as I have for all of my children and I know with out one single doubt that you Lauren are the one that I was asking for. It is so amazing when you think of all of the people in this world that you two found each other…it is rare and I know that you both realize just how unique your relationship is, always remember how special you are to each and your life will be filled with so much joy and happiness. I am truly blessed to have Miss Lauren as a part of our family….Thank you Aaron for asking and Lauren thank you for saying yes :)…

I love you both so much.

See you in Sundance…

I think that’s enough for Walter White to be the best man! As if that momma-nod wasn’t enough I discovered that she is the co-founder of the Kind Campaign:

Kind Campaign is an internationally recognized movement, documentary and school program based upon the powerful belief in KINDness that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl “crime.”

Being a site that does many posts about young female stars, especially the reality cast members of the Teen Mom franchises I can attest first hand to what Kind is talking about when they discuss the vicious nature of how cruel young girls can be to each other. Some of the comments we receive from one female youth about or addressed to another female youth leaves us often dumbfounded if not heartbroken.

Lauren and her friend created a documentary called Finding Kind in which they traveled across America asking young girls about their experiences with “the mean girl” phenomenon. Here’s the trailer:

Smart, pretty, talented, with a heart that wants to reach out and help those around her. I guess Jessie Pinkman CAN do something right. Well played Mr. Paul and congrats!

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