BRING IT! Faith Thigpen slays prom in Angel Brinks body suit

Bring It star Faith Thigpen in her prom bodysuit by Angel Brinks

Dancing Doll Faith Thigpen showed that she not only knows how to Bring It! on the dance floor, she also knows how to Bring It! when it comes to progressive eye-popping prom fashion!

The 16-year-old eschewed the traditional prom dress if favor of a blinged-out body suit made by another reality starlet with an eye for fashion, former Basketball Wives: LA star Angel Brinks. Thankfully for us, Faith’s look was captured with TONS of amazing photos by Partee Photography — which of course were posted by Faith, her friends, and family on Instagram.

While the body suit was made by Angel Brinks’ booming biz, Faith finished off the look herself with a matching mask and train:

Bring It Dancing Doll Faith Thigpen prom body suit

So what inspired Faith’s prom fashion? Why, F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Kardashians of course! “It was inspired by the Kardashians,” Faith told Yahoo Style. “Our theme was the 1920s The Great Gatsby. My mom and I saw pictures from the Kardashians’ Gatsby-themed blinged-out party, and we were immediately inspired!”

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Being the belle of the ball prom isn’t easy though, and took a lot of prep work. Faith revealed that she didn’t work with Angel Brinks directly, but had an amazingly positive experience working with her staff on creating the look. “I was able to Facetime with some of her staff, and they helped me with a lot,” Faith said. “For example, making sure my measurements were exactly right and emailing me consistently before and after the arrival of the outfit. They were very kind and polite, and they gave me the impression that they wanted to make sure everything was perfect.”

thank you @k.partee for such amazing shots ??!!!!!

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And after the body suit was complete, there was still the daunting task of putting on the finishing touches. “It took me approximately five hours to get ready for the complete look — hair, makeup, etc. My mother, Dana Roilton, and my bonus-mom/stepmom, Kristen Thigpen, helped me get ready for my big night!” she says.

Faith’s mom Dana shared numerous photos on Instagram as well, and she was sure to thank the numerous folks who helped make her daughter’s look possible:

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This was an amazing PROM night for my sweetheart and I want to thank EVERYONE who helped bring her vision to LIFE!! This was a custom designed outfit created by @angelbrinks and her wonderful staff. We received the BEST customer service from @thats_trice thank you all so much for that! Her hair by ME(mommy)! Thank you @artby_monet for her flawless makeup as always! Thank you @erica_gates_nailtech for the perfect nails to match her attire! Thank you @k.partee for capturing moments that will make this day last a LIFETIME!!! Thanks for ALLLLL the LOVE from everyone on alllll social media outlets!!!


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Of course, being the belle of the prom also means that you have to be ready for the attention, which requires a lot of self-confidence. “I was very confident in my look, not to sound boastful or anything, but if you aren’t confident in yourself no one else will be confident in you,” Faith said. “My mom taught me that you have to own your look in order for you to make it believable.”

Also owning her look was Faith’s good friend Denicia Diew, who wore a very similar dress. The two posed for numerous photos together:

she match my fly? @shuvonte

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did you say two vehicles ? ? #mustang #rollsroyce

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Congratulations to Faith on her great Great Gatsby look! Something tells me I might should invest my money in the prom body suit industry. 🙂 (You reading this Sondra Celli and TLC? America wants My Big Fat American Great Gatsby Prom!)

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