WWE’s Dave Batista’s 18-year-old daughter Athena Batista has a sex tape!

Athena Batista

There is a dude by the name of Justin Miller who better watch his back because his exposed backside is shown in shall we say provocative situations with the 18-year-old daughter of former WWE superstar wrestler Dave Batista!

World Star Hip Hop has released a “no holds barred” full on sex tape of Athena Batista and according to the budding adult film star couple there will be much more where that came from.  During the video the two are shown first engaging in oral activity followed quickly thereafter by full on coitis.

Here is the link for the absolutely not safe for work clip from WSHH.  Here’s one more side by side image from the video courtesy of WSHH:

Athena Batista

Just for a taste of what our man Miller may be facing in the near future here’s a clip of Dave Batista destroying Ray Mysterio in a steel cage match.  If you’re not familiar with Dave or his guns he’s the MUCH bigger dude not wearing the silly mask:

Justin Miller, you’ve been warned sir!