Keegan Roberts brightens sad story with dance on Today


During a solemn piece on Today one young Keegan Roberts launched into an impromptu dance that lightened the spirits of both his mother and Meredith Vieira.

The Roberts family were being interviewed live about the loss of their husband and father Casey who was killed in Afghanistan during his 3rd tour of duty.  Casey like many other brave Americans decided to enlist after the events of 9/11.  In Today’s piece called “Getting to the Heart of Christmas” they discussed with the Roberts what the holidays are like with Casey gone.

In the middle of this melancholy story the youngest member of the family, Keegan, broke into a dance as he saw himself in the television.  It’s really a touching and hopeful moment that says more about “the heart of Christmas” than any news report could.  As his mom discussed the sadness involved with the passing of their loved one Keegan’s open and innocent spirit made not only his mom laugh but Meredith Vieira as well.

Here’s the full piece from Today; Keegan’s joyous part comes in at about the 3:15 mark:

YouTube user chertinas was gracious enough to provide an abbreviated clip that begins with Keegan’s impromptu dance.  Here it is:

The family is brought outside after the interview and surprised by a crowd of neighbors and gifts.  The pre-conceived notion of well wishing and gifts was very touching on behalf of Today but I believe what really moves the heart from that clip is the spirit shown by young Keegan in a very honest moment.  It’s that type of memory we work, fight and sometimes tragically make the ultimate sacrifice for.

Thank you Keegan Roberts for a beautiful piece of live television.