VIDEO Domestic abuse survivors Sarah Hyland and Meredith Vieira talk about their experiences

Sarah Hyland - Meredith Vieira Show

Last month, news broke that Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland obtained a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Prokop, because he was physically and emotionally abusive to her throughout the latter part of their five-year relationship.

In the time since, the restraining order against Matthew was extended to three years and requires he stay at least 100 yards from her, her house and her dog. He also isn’t allowed to go near her workplace, may not own a gun and cannot threaten her dog, which he previously did.

For her part, Sarah has wisely clung to her supportive co-stars and close group of friends. On an episode of The Meredith Vieira Show this week, she got some additional support from Meredith, who was in an abusive relationship during her 20s.

“I was exactly your age, 23, when I went through something similar,” Meredith said. “I actually talked about it on this show… And I did it in part because I want people to know you’re not alone, which is important. And also that you can come through adversity and be stronger on the other side… When you have faced adversity, how have you come through it?”

“There are two quotes that I want to say,” Sarah responded. “One is a Dylan Thomas poem: ‘Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light,’ which is one of my favorite poems. It just strikes a chord in me. And also Robert Frost: ‘The only way out is through.'”

Sarah concluded, “People have to go through things in order to become the person they are today, and that’s that.”

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