Botched’s Katella wants to look like a blowup doll

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As Dr. Dubrow puts it, 39-year-old Katella wants to look like a “particular object.” Katella, a transgender woman, says she always identified with Barbie Dolls growing up, and would prefer to look as much like a blow-up doll as possible. “Who wants a librarian when they can have a fake, big-breasted, blonde-haired blowup dolls with big, pouty, suction cup lips?” she asks.

Her beauty regimen lasts four hours every day and involves makeup, bubble baths, hair, and pouting in the mirror, and activity that can take an hour in itself. She says she sleeps with her makeup on, and just slaps on a new layer when she wakes up. Her beauty budget is massive as well. “I’m constantly purchasing makeup and fragrances. I go through a makeup combat every three days and lip gloss maybe every two days,” she says.

Still, Katella, thinks she can amp up her maintenance game. “No one can handle me,” she says about her single status. “They say I’m high maintenance, and that’s not true. I don’t think I’m maintenance enough.”

Dr. Nassif wasn’t too pleased to hear that Katella wanted to look like an object, and not a person, but Dr. Dubrow said she needed a chance. “Everyone’s entitled to be fixed, right?”

Katella Dash explained to the docs that she thought blow-up dolls represent the ultimate of femininity. She’s had doctors tell her that if she got her lips done how she wants, food might dribble out of her mouth because it wouldn’t be able to close all the way, but she didn’t care about that. Dr. Nassif didn’t quite believe that Katella was for real, but said that if she was, “she needs help.”

She’s had her eyes enlarged, she gets massive fakes eyelashes, feels her nose job didn’t make her nose small enough. She also complained that she had “double-bubble” breasts where her natural breast tissue could be seen on top of her breast implants.

During the examine, she made Dr. Nassif uncomfortable with her flirtations. He said sexual innuendos were “inappropriate” for a doctor-patient relationship.

The docs ultimate decided that her breasts were fine, and didn’t need any more work. Dr. Nassif decided that her nose implant was too big, although the nose itself was small. As she made kiss faces at him, Dr. Nassif explained that if any more work was done on her nose, the implant might come out of her skin. He also said that part of their jobs as reconstruction surgeons was to inform patients when further plastic surgery may be harmful to them, which they believed to be the case with Katella.

“100% you are going to injure yourself,” he tells her. He says he’s afraid that she will find a doctor who will do the procedures she wants done. He asks her to sit down with a psychologist to get at the root of her issues, because if she continues to seek plastic surgery, she will, in his opinion “be destroyed.”

Katella didn’t seem moved by the doctors’ spiel. “It’s like someone telling you, ‘Don’t go to the candy store and get candy!’ but you want candy so bad that you still go to the candy store,” she says.

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