Bobbi Kristina investigation “botched,” Nick Gordon a “liar,” says author of new book

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Ian Halperin, author of brand-new book Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame, says he believes the investigation into the Bobbi Kristina incident is “botched” and was doomed to failure before it even started, due in large part to the scope of the investigation versus the size of the Roswell Police Department. According to Halperin,


Police have botched the investigation, mainly because they are basically a small-town police department with limited resources. I’m suggesting that the Atlanta PD takes it over if we don’t get concrete results soon on this investigation. It’s taken way too long. They’re a small police department. I’m not faulting them, but I think it’s just a different magnitude. They’re not used to stuff like this, especially with all the media watching over them. I really think they need help to get to the bottom of it.


(While Bobbi Kristina lives in the Atlanta area, her townhouse is actually in Roswell GA, a suburb of the city.)

In fact, Halperin says that almost everything we’ve come to believe about the Bobbi Kristina case–from Bobbi Kristina’s home life to the circumstances that led to her accident and the family feuding that’s occurred in the wake of that incident–is incorrect. In a wide-ranging interview with The Wrap, Halperin brought a great deal of new information to light, while simultaneously casting further doubt on the innocence of Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina’s longtime boyfriend and alleged husband.

Halperin says Gordon entered Bobbi Kristina’s life under mysterious circumstances–ones that turned out to be untrue–and that he has cloaked himself in lies for as long as he’s known BK:


It’s ridiculous—every major media outlet reported that he was adopted by Whitney at 10 years old. I give the facts on how they actually met for the first time….Nick Gordon only moved in when he was 18 years old, when he was kicked out of his mother’s home, and him and Bobbi Kristina were at different schools in close proximity, and he was dating a friend of Bobbi Kristina. And that’s how they met.


Halperin saves his harshest criticisms for Gordon. While the investigator never accuses Gordon of any crimes, he does make the point–several times–that, becuase Gordon is a proven liar, his actions are more worthy of scrutiny than those of perhaps anyone else on the list of suspects:


Face it—Nick Gordon, he spread a lot of falsities. He said at one point [he and Bobbi Kristina] were married. We hired a private investigator, we did a nationwide search to find a marriage certificate. There was nothing. The ring, a lot of the media said it was worth much more than it was. I actually tracked down the jeweler. I saw the receipt. The actual receipt, what he paid for the engagement ring, was something like $7,900, not the rumored six figures that the media was spreading. But Nick Gordon, you know, he was living high off of Whitney’s estate, driving fancy cars. Wearing Rolex watches and Breitlings, all the bling. And this guy’s never worked a day in his life. I have a problem with that, the enablers. People sponging off Bobbi Kristina and Whitney’s estate.


Halperin is also out to salvage the reputation of Bobby Brown, who he says has been painted unfairly by people who want to believe that Brown’s sole goal is to keep Bobbi Kristina alive in order to wrench control of her estate from the Houstons. According to Halperin’s investigation, that kind of manipulation would never be necessary, since it’s Bobby who stands to inherit any money:


According to Georgia state law, and I spoke to two Georgia probate lawyers, if Bobbi passes, the estate would turn over to the next of kin. Despite what Whitney’s will said, Whitney’s will would only be valid if Bobbi pre-deceased Whitney, and that wasn’t the case. Under the present circumstances, it would be Bobby Brown who would get the money and get the estate. So why would he be trying to profit? You know how expensive it is to keep her alive? People who are accusing Bobby Brown of trying to profit, they’re out to lunch. He’s keeping her alive, and it’s costing exorbitant amounts of cash. Who can blame him? It’s his daughter, man. We’d probably do the same.


Unfortunately, the premise of Halperin’s book is that Bobbi Kristina was almost certainly doomed to a life of drug use, if not worse. Halperin doesn’t say that the bathtub incident or anything like it was a foredained conclusion to Bobbi Kristina’s life. He does suggest, though, that by surrounding herself with drugs, drug users, and hangers-on (the book also alleges that Bobbi Kristina has been a drug addict since the age of 14), Bobbi Kristina was always going to have a rough life.


[Bobbi Kristina] was almost doomed from the get-go. She grew up in the shadow of both [Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown], famous parents. Who would have the talent? Who could fill their shoes, anyhow? She had aspirations to be a performer and possibly an actress, but who can fill those shoes? And then her parents are whacked out on drugs, and then she gets involved in the wrong crowd. So, who do we point the finger at?


Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame is on sale now.


(Photo credit: Gallery Books)

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