Bob Barker’s returning to The Price Is Right to celebrate his 90th birthday

Bob Barker - Price Is Right - 90th Birthday

When a few lucky fans “come on down” to The Price Is Right, they will be greeted on stage by legendary game-show host Bob Barker! Mike Richards, executive producer of the long-running CBS show, announced Bob will make a special appearance on the show in honor of his upcoming 90th birthday.

“We’ve had Bob on just one other time since Drew Carey took over the show,” Mike said in a statement. “It was when Bob’s book, Priceless Memories, came out and it was a priceless moment for fans. I was looking for the perfect reason to bring Bob back again and this TV legend turning 90 is the perfect reason.”

As the host of The Price Is Right from 1972 until 2007, Bob is beloved by multiple generations… Who among us didn’t fake a few sick days so we could stay from school to watch Plinko?

Price Is Right 1970s - Bob Barker - Beauties

During his 35 years on The Price Is Right, Bob became one of the best-known animal rights advocates. In addition to ending each show with the memorable line, “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered,” Bob was passionate about animal rescues. In celebration of Bob’s birthday, Mike Richards said the whole week of Dec. 9 through Dec. 13 will be dedicated to Bob’s mission.

“Monday through Friday we’re going to be doing pet adoptions, which is something Bob did on the show for years,” Mike Richards said of the weeklong tribute.

Although this is just the second time Bob’s returned to the show since his retirement, Mike said producers are already eager to book him for another appearance…

“I’m officially extending an invitation to Bob to come back for his 100th birthday!”

The Price Is Right airs on CBS every weekday morning at 11/10c. Bob’s pre-taped appearance will likely run on his birthday, Dec. 12.

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