Big Brother 13 Cassi Colvin in music videos for Jake Owen and Kenny Chesney

Big Brother 13 contestant Cassi Colvin still image from the Tex Owen Tell Me music video

One of the eight new contestants on Season 13 of Big Brother is 26-year-old professional model Cassi Colvin originally from Dallas, Texas. As we mentioned in our extensive profile post on Cassi, she is very successful at being beautiful and has graced the pages of magazines like Glamour, Allure and Cosmopolitan in addition to numerous other high-profile campaigns for companies around the globe.

Just in case you had your doubts, here’s a sample from one of Cassi’s many lingerie shoots:

Cassi Colvin lingerie photo - Big Brother Season 13 contestant

But, despite all of her modeling success, Cassi remains a good ol’ girl at heart. Her Texas roots run deep and when asked about her musical tastes in a 2006 interview she responded by stating:

Country, country, country. That about sums up my music selection. I’ve got a few odds and ends CDs in my collection, but country music is where it’s at. We’ve got a whole slew of country artists that come from Texas and have no intention of doing the mainstream Nashville thing. They tour Texas and play for their natives! I’ve got alot of Chris Knight, Reckless Kelly, Jason Boland, Cooder Graw, Randy Rogers. I also love the classics: George Strait, Willie, Charlie Daniels Band, and Waylon Jennings.

In addition to listening to country music Cassi also likes putting her talents to work for it! Check out this sexy video for Jake Owen’s song “Tell Me” from his 2009 album Easy Does It.

In the video Cassi plays criminal hottie Cassi Klein, who gets arrested along with her accomplice Sage by Sheriff Jake Owen. Jake reveals himself to be a red-blooded heterosexual male by developing a fondness for the flirtatious trouble-making bombshell and later pretty much lets her take his gun and bust herself and Sage out of prison – locking poor Jake in the cell Barney Fife style in the process.

Cassi and Sage go to a barn where they unveil a beautiful old Chevelle as the camera shows Sheriff Jake trimming off Cassi’s picture from the wanted poster leaving only super sucker Sage. Then, as Sage is getting ready to drive off with his brunette rose, she points the gun at him and ol’ Jake Owen shows up without his uniform to ride off into the sunset with Cassi.

Big Brother 13's Cassi Colvin pulls a gun in Jake Owen's music video Tell Me

But Sheriff Jake wasn’t the only country star Cassi contemplated a sunset trip with – she also dated (is dating?) perpetual hat-backwards country singer Lee Brice! Here is a photo of the lovely couple from May of 2008:

Big Brother 13's Cassi colvin with her boyfriend Lee Brice in 2008

But wait! There’s yet another country crooning good ol’ boy connected to Cassi Colvin! Kenny Chesney also used her good looks for a video he played during his recent concerts in as a backdrop for his song “Somewhere With You!” Here’s an audience-recorded clip of Kenny performing with Cassi as the lovely backdrop uploaded to Youtube by her dad:

And the description of the clip from her dad – with a little more info:

This video was shot in Cowboy Stadium, It features professional model Cassi Colvin and will be shown at all of Kenny Chesney’s Goin’ Coastal 2011 concert stops. The video will accompany the #1 single, “Somewhere With You”. Thank You Kenny Chesney for tickets and for choosing Cassi for this video.

Cassi’s country music aspirations don’t end with modeling in videos and dating stars, she revealed in her 2006 interview that she dreamed of possibly being a country singer herself:

Another dream of mine has always been to become a country western singer! Not sure how it sounds to everyone else, but I guess my voice is decent. Yet it’s probably best that I stick to karaoke!

Big Brother 13's Cassi Colvin's mugshot and wanted poster from the Tell Me music video

And she doesn’t just love country music, she loves the country life! Check out how this good ol boy dream girl answered the question “When you’re not modeling, what do you like to do?”

This is one question I could carry on about. I absolutely love coming from Texas and everything that goes with it. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t raised as some country bumpkin in a little town no one knows of, but I would love to retire in that fashion! At home, I camp, fish, and as of recently, even hunt a little bit. l love riding four wheelers and being outside in the heat. Anything that involves wearing a bandana, jeans, boots, and no makeup appeals to me. One other little hobby of mine that most find crazy is that I really enjoy mowing the yard and trimming hedges. I’m lookin’ for some property out in the east Texas Hill Country, and I would be tickled to ride around on my tractor and raise cattle! While I’m doing that, my husband can prepare the meals and raise the kiddos! Dreams come true.

Perhaps someone should look up The Brigade’s Lane Elenburg – these two seem like a perfect match!

Be sure to tune into Big Brother this season – something tells me you won’t wanna miss anything with Cassi strutting around in a bikini the whole time. (And DO NOT miss out on any of the action from the Big Brother 24-hour Live Feed – who knows what Cassi is capable of!)