PHOTO Is Miley Cyrus engagement trolling with latest Instagram?


We see what you did there, Miley!

Miley Cyrus is totes pulling a Miley Cyrus by obviously flaunting a big old diamond ring on that most important of fingers for a diamond.

The sparkler looks a lot like the one Liam Hemsworth got her when the pair got engaged back in May of 2012.

Along with the pic, Cyrus made some hashtag jokes about looking like her mom dressed her and so forth–but she failed to make any mention of the GINORMOUS bling. Of course she did.

This latest image is only going to intensify the already fiery rumors that Cyrus and Hemsworth are back on. Those rumors include the pair spending a bunch of quality time together recently and going so far as to make wedding plans.

Heck, TMZ posted pics today of Miley using a U-Haul trailer to move her stuff into Liam’s Malibu pad.

Miley knows “we can’t stop” talking about it… So is she just having some fun or is she really, actually engaged to Liam again? Only time, and social media, will tell!