Barbara Walters wants to know why Diddy won’t marry any of his baby-mommas

Never one to shy away from difficult questions Barbara Walters “went there” and asked rap mogul Diddy why he hadn’t married any of his 3 baby-mommas on today’s episode of The View.   In response, the calm and in in control demeanor that has made Diddy famous came through as he calmly explained his position.  Sure it was awkward, but it was a great question from Walters and an equally honest and thoughtful answer from Diddy.

Diddy was in The View house to promote his latest release with Dirty Money and agreed for a sit down interview on the estrogen fueled wrap around couch that has proved a Waterloo for many a poor unprepared man.  What can I say, at least for this particular moment The View was compelling television even for dudes.  Here’s the clip:

Here’s the break down of Diddy’s baby-mommas and his kids:

Misa Hylton-Brim: Justin Dior Combs (17)

Kim Porter: Son Quincy Jones Brown (19) (non-biological) Son Christian Casey Combs (12) and twin daughters D’Lila Star Combs and Jessie James Combs (4)

Sarah Chapman: Daughter Chance (4)

The whole question was spawned from a quote in Diddy’s song “Coming Home” in which he asks himself, “What if my twins ask why I didn’t marry their mom?”  He references losing his father at a young age but is quick to explain that it is no excuse and then he describes his on again off again relationship with all three women whom he met at around the same time.  He sums his situation up by stating:

“My life works for me and my family.”

I would like to state again that I was impressed with Diddy’s candor.  Marrying one of these three women would change everything about the arrangement in his family’s life and if it works the way it is now and his children are happy and productive and cavity free as he said then I don’t have a problem with how they choose to live their life.

Here’s the official video for “Coming Home” from Diddy – Dirty Money: