Are Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin back together?


Post “conscious uncoupling” Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin, who just released a new album inspired by their marital troubles, are definitely still residing in the same three international homes, but the gossip is that they may be rekindling their romance.

“Chris hasn’t moved out of their Brentwood house yet,” a source told the “They are both still living there and spending weekends together at their new house in Malibu.” They’ve both been doing a lot of traveling, so they’re not spending a great deal of time together. There’s rumors, though, that the time they have shared has been pretty good.

“It’s true they had problems but in the weirdest way this ‘conscious uncoupling’ situation has relieved the pressure on them,” an apparent friend of the couple told the The Mirror. “Gwyneth had ground rules about not ­immediately dating, respecting each other, keeping things happy for their two children and communicating throughout but it seems to have acted as a wake-up call.”

Chris is reportedly upset about the backlash Gwyneth received after the news of their split. “Chris also felt super-protective about the flak and criticism levelled at Gwyn when it came out. He felt it was unfair and uncalled for and he stepped in to make her feel better,” says the source. “He also put it out that a lot of the problems were down to him, not her – I guess that also added to him standing by her rather than walking away.”

This may not be true, but it makes a lot of sense. People can put too much weight on expectations on what a relationship should be instead of appreciating it for what it is (did anybody else see Louie last night?)

Maybe if they get back together, Chris can allow himself to be photographed with her occasionally.

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