LINKS! Ellen Page married, Sneaky Brad Pitt, Crossushi craze…

L.A. Dance Project Gala - Arrivals

DLISTEDOut with Christmas Boobs of Instagram and in with Instagram Crossushi, which is a sushi roll inside a croissant. This food craze to be followed closely by Nuts And Gum

REALITY TEAEnjoy this photo gallery of the Love & Hip Hop Miami screening party, which looks like it was a gorgeous good time full of people only pretending to get along until they film the reunion special

CELEBITCHYDonald Trump is using Twitter to warn-brag North Korea’s Kim Jong Un of Trump’s “powerful Nuclear Button.” I know there’s an emasculatory clitoris joke to be made in there somewhere, but now I’m too frightened by the possibility of nuclear conflict to find it

JEZEBELIn unrelated and far happier news: Ellen Page got married to her girlfriend Emma Portner, congrats!

THE BLEMISHThis story about Brad Pitt using his real name when he flirts reminds me of the time Paul McCartney talked about taking The Beatles on the road to play a bunch of middle-of-nowhere clubs, and how nobody would recognize them because they’d wear wigs and only do covers

VOXThe “bomb cyclone” currently bearing down on America’s entire Eastern Seaboard is “just a bad storm with good branding” — so, to those of you in its path, we hope you’re still able to read this

LAINEY GOSSIP43-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio and his (latest) 20-year-old model girlfriend Camila Morrone continue to insist — after spending New Year’s together, then traveling back to LA together on a private jet — that they are just friends

THE SUPERFICIALIn an effort to deter thieves, Kim Kardashian wants it known that her latest mansion has a strict no-jewelry policy. I’m trying the same thing with high-gravity beers this year in an effort to deter hangovers

UPROXXFor anyone annoyed by Coachella’s rock-free 2018 lineup, here’s a helpful reminder that the festival has been going pop-friendly for years

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