BRING IT! Miss D gets breast implants, shares process with fans online

Bring It Miss D breast implants quote

Bring It! coach Miss D might have to change her nickname to Miss Double-D after she added two new girls to the Dancing Dolls this week in the form of breast implants! Miss D (aka Dianna Williams) had the procedure done on Tuesday, but she has been talking about it on Facebook for at least a week.

Miss D Dianna Williams boob job consultation

“My journey begins……” Miss D captioned the photo above on March 1st. “Consultation as I prepare for breast Augmentation. For years especially after having my son I felt something was missing… I’ve finally been able to fill this void…..”

As you might imagine, some folks weren’t too thrilled with her decision to get a boob job because they felt it wasn’t a good example to set for women — especially given all of the young women that watch Bring It! “Don’t do it!” one commenter pleaded. “You’re setting a great example of just being yourself.”

Miss D seemed to appreciate the concern as she penned a lengthy entry defending her decision:

I’m setting an example pushing thru my flaws and correcting what I dislike. We get braces to straighten our teeth, perms to straighten our hair and now I’m getting augmentation to enlarge my breasts. Getting things fixed won’t change what’s in your heart nor EVER change the example I’m setting. I’m perfectly imperfect and perfectly able to fix imperfections if God sees fit. I love myself enough to do what makes me happy. Thanks for loving me without these and now with!!

Another commenter was not won over. “You’re beautiful just the way you are. Why change to make others happy? Just cause it’s something society idolized doesn’t mean your fans do to. If you think a bigger bust would make you happier why not get a padded bra and spend the money you save on your family having fun?”

“To make others happy!?” Miss D responded. “This is for me!!!! I have padded bras and now I will have the real thing. Thanks for respecting my decision ?”

Fast forward a few days and Miss D updated everyone with a photo on the way to her surgery:

Dianna Williams boob job trip in the rain

“How your friends drive in the rain ??????!!!” Miss D wrote. “We headed to get my BOOBIES!! #melons #twins #rain ??…. ?…..??….”

Mimi Chandler was with Miss D and posted this next photo after they made it to the doctor’s office:

Dianna Williams boob job arrival with Mimi Chandler

“We’s here!” Mimi excitedly captioned the picture. “Time for some tatas! ?”

Miss D then posted this excited selfie and wrote “I’m here!! It’s BOOBIE TIME!!!!”

Bring It Miss D gets breast implants

After the procedure, Mimi updated fans on how Miss D was doing in her recovery. “Hey Peeps! Coach Dianna Williams is doing great and thanks everyone for your support & Prayers!”

Miss D herself later provided her own update:

The new girls have arrived and I’m up and around….: sleepy and sore but doing great! Thanks to those that prayed for me and checked on me…. thanks to Mimi Chandler for being right by my side the whole time!!!!!! Love you! I woke up and saw your face and was quite alright!!

And Miss D’s bra size isn’t the only thing looking up these days! The reality star posted this photo and appreciative message a few days before having surgery in which she lists the plethora of positive things happening in her life right now:

Bring It Coach Miss D Dianna Williams companies

I’m so full…. so full and so excited and happy!!! Both Doll organizations have had tryouts and new amazing members…. DWilliams Dance Company is thriving and amazing, DWILLIAMS CHEER COMPANY is starting strong with 20+ members, Bring It ratings still over 1 million, My PR team and agent has my personal career moving forward, ROAD TO BUCK OR DIE is going great, DMW NATIONALS is moving forward and is about to be insane, BOTH dollhouses are thriving, my mom is well and happy, my husband is ECSTATIC about MHSP, Cobe is dancing, starting football with the Bears and starts tumbling classes next week…. and me?? I GET NEW BOOBS TUESDAY!! God has his hands on that umbrella and my family and I thank him for the good and the bad! Shout out to my amazing staff who keeps it all going! Marquell Seals, Jasmine Patrice Butler, Ralph Dee Henderson, Tamesha Feagins Bryant, Ryan Antoiné, Torrey Holland Isaac, Tim Skillz Jones, Ariel Kinsey, Kymiah St James, Jhasmine Odom, Patrick Edmond Keandra Simmons, Breana Richardson are the bomb and soon the world will see more of what we do!! 1 family, one dream, 2 cities, one team! DIANNA M WILLIAMS INC!!

Congratulations to Miss D on all of her successes – and we look forward to meeting the new girls of DWILLIAMS CHEER COMPANY — as well as the new girls of her chest — soon!

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