Mackenzie McKee shares post-pregnancy belly photos, plans for March bikini fitness competition

Mackenzie McKee after pregnancy belly photo

It’s only been two months since former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee welcomed her third child, son Broncs, and the 21-year-old is already getting back into NPC bikini competition shape with plans to be back on the stage in March.

Mackenzie shared the eye-popping side-by-side photos above featuring her belly just before giving birth to Broncs and now on Instagram Friday. “Two months PP today…” Mackenzie wrote in the caption.

Prior to those photos, Mackenzie also shared pictures from a month and a half after giving birth:

Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie McKee after pregnancy belly photos

1 1/2 months postpartum and here are the results. I just started doing harder work outs and omg I’m out of shape ? I know my body has a long ways to go but if your making improvements every day you will eventually reach the top ?.. I know it takes time, dedication, and patients to get stage ready but I’m anxious and excited to step up on stage again. March can NOT come soon enough and I’m excited to take you all on this journey with me. #allaboutyourmindset #thinkbigger #npcbikini #fitmom

One mom was a bit taken aback by Mackenzie’s claims to be “out of shape” in the photos. “How is that out of shape??” she asked in the comments section. “If you want to see out of shape you should look over here ? my daughters almost 2 and I still have 15-20 pounds to lose.”

Mackenzie responded to clarify: “By out of shape I mean when I took off to run I was out of breath, and when I tried squaring, it was very hard for me.”

Mackenzie has always been a fitness fanatic, and her NPC training over the last couple years culminated in her taking home 2nd place in fitness and 4th place in the bikini portion of a sanctioned NPC competition last November.

We applaud Mackenzie’s fitness hustle, and we encourage everyone to follow along as she continues to document her training and diet on Instagram and Snapchat over the coming months. And just in case you forgot just how amazing human anatomy and biology can be, here are photos of Mackenzie’s baby bump throughout her most recent pregnancy, including a photo with Broncs visiting his former home:

Mackenzie McKee baby bump timeline Broncs

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