Courtney Stodden to participate on Celebrity Big Brother U.K. without Doug Hutchinson

Courtney Stodden joins Celebrity Big Brother
Teen bride Courtney Stodden is about to return to television, although American fans will be disappointed to learn it’s for Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother. Thank goodness for Internet videos!

The reality show is a rare opportunity to learn more about Courtney outside of the context of her controversial marriage: Husband Doug Hutchinson reportedly wasn’t invited to join the show.

“The producers only want Courtney on the show and vetoed Doug coming in with her. She’s young, hot and wild — plus they have a pool and hot tub to fill,” a source reported to Britain’s Daily Mail. “This is an opportunity for her to get up in front of the world and stand on her own two perplex stilettos!”

Even though Doug will be holding down the home base in the U.S., he seems to be supportive of his young wife’s new adventure. He was seen accompanying her to the airport on Saturday, when she was wearing a Manchester United jersey for her flight across the Atlantic.

“In the plane & ready for takeoff … here I come!,” Courtney tweeted on Saturday. She has been silent on social media ever since and her publicist hasn’t commented on reports of her joining the show.

Courtney and Doug previously participated in Couples Therapy. However, Courtney was 17 at the time and was unable to stay at the house because of child labor laws.

Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden
This time, Courtney will be totally unrestricted. Not only will she be on tape 24/7, but she’s also legal to drink.

“As the legal drinking age is 21 in American, Courtney has never done the party scene or had the college lifestyle experience, so it will all be new to her,” a source told The Daily Mail.

The reality competition show kicks off across the pond on Thursday. Hopefully Courtney’s recent implants won’t pose a problem during some of the physical challenges… Although she will have an advantage if the contestants are ever asked to supply their own flotation devices!

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