Kevin Hart arrested, charged with DUI

Kevin Hart driving in West Hollywood. The actor was just charged with DUI.

Funny man Kevin Hart was arrested early Saturday morning and charged with a misdemeanor DUI after he nearly slammed into a gas tanker on a Los Angeles freeway. The Real Husbands of Hollywood star has since been released and on his way out of the big house, he admitted to being drunk and explained his arrest in its entirety.

“I got arrested for resisting arrest last night .. DUI,” Kevin explained to TMZ of his jail stint.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Kevin was spotted around 4:30 am driving in excess of 90 MPH on the 101 Freeway. Police claim that Kevin almost hit a gas tanker with his Black Mercedes. Once pulled over, Kevin showed “objective signs of intoxication” and was “unable to perform field sobriety tests.”

“What happened last night was I got pulled over, they gave me the whole tests, I passed the tests. The officer then gave me the Breathalyzer, I failed the Breathalyzer. I said, ‘Look it’s fine, I’m drunk. I get it. Do what you got to do,'” Kevin stated.

When asked about the gas tanker, Kevin said, “I don’t think there is a gas tanker on the freeway, so there can’t be any truth to that.” As to why he resisted arrest, Kevin explained, “Officer tried to put handcuffs on my wrist and my watch was here. I said, ‘Wait, let me take my watch off,’ and he said, ‘You are resisting arrest,’ and I said ‘Stop. Let me take my watch off.'” At that point, Kevin claims the officer threw him down and “do what he do.”

In the end, Kevin admitted, “I was actually drunk, so there’s no arguing that.”

Kevin was released from custody after posting $5,000 bond.

Top Photo: Michael Wright/

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