VIDEOS Big Ang series premiere preview plus “Gettin’ Whacked” mixed drink tutorials

Big Ang and her dog Lil Louis shop for a house

VH1’s new reality series Big Ang premiere July 8, but the network has just released a preview clip from the premiere episode featuring Big Ang, her sister Janine Detore, and pooch pal Lil Louis looking at a potential new house for B.A. Why is she shopping for a new house you ask?

“Back in the old days when I was dating wise guys,” Big Ang explains, “they bought me mansions on the water, but all my houses that they gave me I sold. So no more wise guys, no more houses. Now I gotta buy my own [bleeeep].”

Looks perfect! It has a place for a stripper pole right in the front window, a huge closet for Big Ang’s 500+ pairs of shoes, and an amazing bar/pool/deck/jacuzzi combo for lots of entertaining-to-watch drunken bashes!

Big Ang even gives us a little glimpse into the future when she acts out this potential seduction scene: “Give me a martuni and bring it to me in the jacuzzi. And hurry up, because you’re in for a surpriiiise!”

In addition to the preview clip, Big Ang also shares the recipes for some of her bar’s most famous drinks in a series of online exclusive videos called “Gettin’ Whacked.”

First up is the Drunken Monkey Martini:

Drunken Monkey Martini

1 oz. vanilla vodka (or a little more)
1 oz. coconut rum
1 oz. regular vodka
Splash of cranberry
Splash of pineapple

“The women love them because they creep up on you.”

And then we have Big Ang’s signature drink, the espresso martini:

Espresso Martini

2 oz. vodka
1 oz. coffee rum
1 1/2 oz. espresso (must be real)
Shake until foamy

“Keeps you goin’ because God knows, you gotta stay up all hours of the night.”