Bethenny Frankel bikini photos. Plus Bryn!

Bethenny Frankel bikini

Bethenny Frankel gave the residents of Miami Beach a friendly reminder of how her juh-billion dollar brand Skinny Girl got its name as she took her hot rod bod out for a spin in a revealing string bikini earlier today.

I’m beginning to have a lot of sympathy for Bethenny’s husband Jason Hoppy, who must be more like Jason unHoppy considering his wife’s recent revelation on her show Bethenny Ever After that the couple’s sex life has diminished to the point that “Jason’s penis has cobwebs on it.”

Bethenny later clarified that statement in an appearance on the Today Show stating, “OK, so my husband’s penis allegedly has cobwebs on it. It doesn’t really. You know how hard it is to get cobwebs on a penis? It would be really difficult.”

The candid 41-year-old mother of one then added, “It’s just that we’re not like flying by the seat of our pants, you know, every night like we used to be when we first got together. It’s not the same.”

So perhaps the couple was in Miami doing a little old school seat of their pants flying! And speaking of the seat of their pants, let’s check out the seat of Bethenny’s pants (or as I like to call it, the “baFrankeldonk”) shall we?

Bethenny Frankel bikini Miami

I’m thinking Bethenny should branch out into the world of fashion with a line of lingerie and bikinis called “Cobwebs Dusters.” Meh. I guess Skinny Girl Lingerie would be better. Damn you Bethenny Frankel and your branding geniusness!

Top photo: Splash News
“Bottom” photo: Momo / Juan Garces / Splash News

UPDATE – Bethenny was spotted later with her daughter Bryn, who was sporting a super cute red one-piece swimsuit with white hearts:

Bethenny Frankel and daughter Bryn

Bethenny and Bryn photo: Splash News