George Clooney’s girlfriend Stacy Keibler wrestling videos and career timeline

Wrestler Stacy Keibler and George Clooney

Two-time People magazine “Sexiest Man Alive” George Clooney swore off marriage after his divorce from actress Talia Balsam in 1993, and since that time he has casually breast-stroked his way through the most elite of dating pools, compiling a short list of long-legged arm candy that includes Lisa Snowdon, Sarah Larson, and Elisabetta Canalis.

But now it seems this 50-year-old dapper Dan has broadened his scope a bit, abandoning the usual celebri-stud resume requirements such as cocktail waitress (Sarah Larson) and professional models/European television show hosts (Lisa Snowdon, Elisabetta Canalis) – choosing instead to date former professional wrestler Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler
^ Photo: Jen Lowery / Splash News

Stacy Keibler is a 32-year-old veteran of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) who became famous for her extremely long legs, wearing thongs, and getting spanked. A lot. (Well played Mr. Clooney. Well played indeed.)

Here’s a video clip of Stacy Keibler in a Christmas-themed mud wrestling bout with Torrie Wilson (who is dating Alex Rodriguez, by the way. Professional wrestlers are the in thing now y’all!) in which Stacy shows that not even the Chicago Cubs can compete with her as far as getting spanked goes:

But before she was successful enough to have her bare muddy bottom slapped on national television, Stacy cut her chops as one of the Nitro Girls after winning an audition contest against 300 other women in November, 1999. Using the name Skye, Stacy shook her stuff every week on Monday Night Nitro, a day after she shook her stuff on the football field as a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader the same year.

The Nitro Girls dance troupe was mostly eye candy between matches, but there were occasional speaking parts for the gals focused on backstage drama like this one featuring Stacy Keibler as Skye addressing her scuffle with “Spice and her hussy friends” the previous week:

Memorable acting performances like that, combined with Stacy’s famous 42-inch legs, soon earned her a larger role as Miss Hancock – the clipboard-wielding manager of Lenny Lane and Lodi who would wear business suits and often table dance in front of the announcers.

In addition to the table dancing, Stacy also began doing what would later become her signature move. Taking advantage of her long legs, she would enter the wrestling ring by slowly stepping over the second rope (which most normal-legged gals could never do), pausing to let everyone get a gander at her minuscule unmentionables.

Stacy Keibler climbs through the ropes

Stacy Keibler made her actual wrestling debut as Miss Hancock against Daffney (Shannon Claire Spruill) in the Bash at the Beach “Wedding Gown Match” in July of 2000. Miss Hancock had apparently had an affair with David Flair, who was engaged to Daffney. The two ladies decided to settle things in the ring with both wearing wedding dresses and the winner being whichever one could strip the dress off of her opponent first. (I’m a little disturbed by how close this is to being an episode of The Real Housewives!)

Stacy Keibler’s character Miss Hancock would go on to be featured in a number of other wonderfully over-the-top plot lines, including revealing she was pregnant after being kicked in the stomach during a match with Major Gunns during New Blood Rising in August of 2000. After much drama over who could be the dad, it was later revealed the pregnancy had been faked.

Stacy took a short break after that and when she returned to the ring it was under her real name.

In 2001 the WCW was purchased by WWF and Stacy became part of “The Alliance.” During her early days with WWF Stacy would compete in a number of “Bra and Panties” matches before becoming manager of The Dudley Boyz and garnering the nickname “Duchess of Dudleyville.” During her time as The Duchess, Keibler had a falling out with former Alliance teammate Torrie Wilson and the two began a feud that culminated in the first ever “Lingerie Match” in October of 2001.

Stacy enjoyed a long, successful stint with WWE that ended in 2006 when she took time off to appear on Dancing With The Stars. She did not return to professional wrestling after that. Here is a timeline of the rest of Stacy Keibler’s WWE wrestling career:

• Challenged Trish Stratus for the WWE Women’s Championship and lost

• Joined SmackDown! and became Chairman Vince McMahon’s personal assistant (and on-stage mistress)

• Joined Raw and became the manager for Scott Steiner and Test

• Test became jealous of Steiner and they competed for Keibler’s affection, including an inter-gender tag team match

• Recorded the song “Why Can’t We Just Dance?” with WWE music producer Jim Johnston for the album WWE Originals

• Competed with Jacqueline in the “Tag Team Evening Gown Match” against Torrie Wilson and Sable, who had appeared in Playboy. Stacy and Jacqueline insisted it should have been them in the magazine

Stacy Keibler in her Super Stacy costume• In 2004 Stacy Keibler made it to the Women’s Championship title match against Stratus after upset victories over Gail Kim, Trish Stratus, and Molly Holly. She would end up losing to Stratus

• Participated in the first ever “Fulfill your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal” during Taboo Tuesday alongside Victoria, Nidia, Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Jazz, and Stratus

• Began an short-lived on-screen romance with Randy Orton

• Teamed up with Rosey and The Hurricane and became “Super Stacy” complete with a costume. (See photo)

• Traded to SmackDown! where she competed in a number of lingerie and bikini themed matches

• Began a feud with Jillian Hall

• Announced she would be taking a leave of absence to appear on Dancing With The Stars

And here is a closing montage video tribute to Stacy Keibler’s professional wrestling career. It’s greatly entertaining if you substitute the wrestling ring for a luxurious resort hotel room in some exotic local and then switch out Stacy’s competitors with George Clooney. DING DING!