Was Miley Cyrus’s “leaked” lingerie photo from music video “Who Owns my Heart”

Miley Cyrus underwear photo
So, in the aftermath of Scarlett Johansson’s drama over leaked naked photos taken from her phone, the internet got the above consolation prize of 18-year-old Miley Cyrus lounging in her panties in an 19th century boudoir with satin sheets.

Miley is in full make-up “condidly” checking her phone, and the lighting looks a little too professional to be personal photos. The red heels! The green old timey drapes! What look like red panties (but is really a red mask) sprawled so delicately on the satin bordello sheets! This can’t be how Miley usually lounges (maybe it is, the Starcasm staff might actually lounge around like a Boardwalk Empire hooker every day if we had a billion dollars from being a Disney superstar. Only difference would be you couldn’t see the satin sheets for all the $1,000 dollar bills lying around.)

What do you think, is this a candid photo, a professional shoot for a promotional campaign, or a photo staged to leak to generate internet buzz? Maybe it’s a little bit of all of them, since it was from her 2010 music video “Who Own My Heart?” (Our apologies for not being up on our Miley knowledge, but thanks to Miley fans for catching us.)

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