VIDEO: A: Phone Jeopardy Q: What is infuriating Alex Trebek?

Answer:  Phone Jeopardy.

Question:  What is infuriating the venerable Alex Trebek?

I for one certainly don’t recall Phone Jeopardy and maybe now there is a good reason.  Alex Trebek just wasn’t fully behind the promotion of this idea as we see in this gem of a clip from FoundFootageFest.  In 1990 “Jeopardy” started a 1-900 number (remember those) where you could play at home for five dollars a minute.  Man that seems ridiculous even now.  Check out the clip but be warned there are foul words spewed forth from Mr. Trebek:

“TIIIIIINKERBELLLLLLLL!”  Alex has always been smug when he knows the answer hasn’t he?  I think my favorite part is the phone and Alex’s discomfort with it as a prop.  I bet he had one of them huge cell phones even back in 1990.  Well no funny Trebek video post would be complete without including SNL’s mock up starring Will Ferrell:

You just can’t go wrong with Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek vs. Sean Connery.  Connery almost makes as good an adversary as a phone, almost.