WWHL: Hockey Player Sean Avery and porn star Alexxis Couture win on Watch What Happens Live

Yesterday was the finale of Real Housewives of Orange County Season 6, and it was one of those intense gawkworthy wrecking of trains. Tears were streaming, drinks were flying, people were fighting over lips and old boyfriends. It was dramatic, but the crazy was all coming from a genuine place.

But somehow it all got upstaged by hockey player Sean Avery on Watch What Happens Live. Turns out he’s an avid fan, and he was armed with enough snark and gossip to rival the blogosphere.

Here are a few of his choice quotes:

Sean Avery

On Jeanna Keough vs. Tamra Barney:

“This is a tough one for me, but I’m gonna have to go with Tamra. Jeana is just, she’s . . . she’s interesting. I just think, I really don’t care for either of them.”

On Alexis Bellino’s Alexis Couture fashion line:

“I think that she walks into a frabic store, cuts it into a big square, and then wraps it around people and calls it a dress.”

On Gretchen’s handbags:

“Gretchen is starting to grow on me. I don’t much about her handbag line. She dated the older gentleman, and that was kind of a little weird. And now she’s made this transition. It’s much better I think.”

On what he thinks of Slade Smiley:

“I love his mother.”

We also learned from Sean what we already knew: Real Housewives are better fighters than hockey players.

Porn star Alexxis Couture, who’s been around long before Alexis Bellino’s Alexis Couture dress line, also stopped by. Coincidentally, she developing her own clothing line, but she’s not gonna call it Alexxis Couture. Think about all that long enough, and you’ll reach some level of enlightenment.

Here’s the original Alexxis Couture snuggling up to Andy Cohen: