Adam Lind reveals how much he was paid for Teen Mom 2


Adam Lind, who shares daughter Aubree with Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska, continued to accuse MTV of pushing a false narrative that he’s not a good dad in a recent post via social media. While doing so, he defended his reasons for leaving the show while revealing the substantial amount of money he walked away from by making that decision.

Adam shared a pic of himself and his daughters walking his dogs and someone commented, “I sincerely hope that MTV shows moments like this instead of bashing you and bad mouthing you all the time. I’ve seen so many precious pictures with you and your girls on here and you never get the credit you deserve. You are a wonderful father and those girls love you to pieces.”

When a lil girl wants to paint your nails… you better sit your butt down and let her ?❤?

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The South Dakota daddy, who was wanted by authorities earlier this year for failure to pay child support and who previously revealed Chelsea Houska’s alleged TM2 salary, came to his own defense in his response:

They wont… which is why I ended the show… won’t give them what they want anymore… idc how much $$ they offer… season stacked up to be 285,000$ a year….. told em keep your f***ing money I don’t want the s**t anymore … I wasn’t raised that way I’d rather have a 9-5 and a mortgage struggling with bills… ppl say I’m crazy for turning it down… well I say they are crazy for wanting that kind of attention trust me… it’s not worth it

Adam later wrote, “See they won’t tell you how much everyone makes from the show… and I’m not spose to say… but frankly I don’t give a s**t lol…. and you think 285kish is alot…. s**t… the women get hellava lot more than that !”

Do you think Adam’s crazy for turning down all that money?

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