90 DAY FIANCE Pregnant Pao shows off baby bump in tiny bikini that Russ couldn’t have approved of

90 Day Fiance Paola pregnant baby bump bikini video

Late last month, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After stars Russ and Paola Mayfield announced that Pao is pregnant, and they later revealed that they will be having a little boy. Earlier today, Pao took to Instagram to share an update video of her bare baby bump with fans, but something tells me that she didn’t get wardrobe approval from husband Russ!

“Too many changes and I’m loving them all,” Pao captioned the mirror selfie clip, adding this string of emoji and hashtags: ???❤️❤️❤️ #needanewbikini #fitnessmom #pregnant #fitmom.

Here’s the clip, but be forewarned that Pao is essentially wearing a couple of eye patches and some string, and the result is a bit PG-13ish at least:

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It seems that Russ had no issue with Pao’s wardrobe after all, as he chimed in with his admiration in the comments section. “I am so in love with you carrying that little baby bump! You’re more beautiful than ever!” he fawned. Pao joked back: “Soon you will have to carry both of us ???”

Joining Russ in the comments was his nemesis, Pao’s Colombian bestie Juan! He wrote: “ahora si se nota muchooooo!! Besos mi amor felicidades estás hermosa ❤️” Google gave me this English translation: “Now if you notice a lot!! Kisses my love congratulations you’re beautiful ❤️”

Pao replied to Juan with “gracias bb ya está creciendo bastante ??” or “thank you bb is already growing quite ??”

Here is most of the rest of the impromptu Q&A session with Pao in the comments section, including her responses to those who had negative things to say about her itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, barely safe for work bikini:

COMMENT: Are you planning for a photoshoot with your baby bump?

PAO: I want to do it with my husband ?

COMMENT: I mean I love you Paola but I’m with Russ on this one! You’re 90% naked

PAO: I don’t see my husband making that comment?

COMMENT: You don’t even look that pregnant ?? at all!! Good for you!!! Do you feel the baby moving yet??

PAO: I felt him today????

COMMENT: Good grief she is wearing a damn bathing suit, do you expect her to be covered from head to toe 24/7 ???

PAO: I was on my last picture and people lost their mind?

COMMENT: I just don’t understand why you always have these negative comments on your page. If you don’t like it UNFOLLOW it is so easy! I know I unfollow when it’s something I don’t want to see. It is PAOLA’S page, if you don’t agree with how she lives HER life, again: her life NOT YOURS, then bounce up out of here. Dios Mio la gente si jode con la vida de los demás. Se entiende que estas en el medio publico pero por Dios respeten que en la vida de ustedes nadie se anda metiendo. Love you amiga don’t accept these negative vibes, you and your baby do not need that ❤️

PAO: hermosa. La foto anterior que por qué estaba con mucha ropa y ahora por que estoy en vestido de baño. I guess they need to hate for any reason ??‍♀️?

COMMENT: Omg you look so cute!! Great song choice too. Are you a Ricky Martin fan as well?? Hugs from LA ?

PAO: since I was little! He is amazing!

COMMENT: When are you due? I’m jealous on high tiny you still look. I gained so much weight during my pregnancy, people thought I was ready to pop at six months ?

PAO: I want my belly to get bigger now?

COMMENT: Cuanto tiempo te tomo tranformar tu cuerpo? Para tenerlo así tonificado!! Felicidades y bendiciones

PAO: sigo en el proceso pero empece a entrenar hace 3 años ?

COMMENT: don’t you just want to take it easy and enjoy this pregnancy? Is maintaining a vigorous work out routine you do, good for the baby?

PAO: I’m enjoying it to the fullest ?

COMMENT: Do you find exercise to be any more difficult during your pregnancy?

PAO: I just don’t like going slow but everything for the baby

COMMENT: You probably won’t even read this but you look so beautiful Paola!!! I have been watching 90 Day Fiance forever and you and Russ have always been my favorite couple!!! I was so sad when you and Russ were going through some rocky times this last season but i knew you guys would come out on top!!! You deserve all of this happiness, congratulations on your rainbow baby mama!!!!

PAO: It’s was a difficult time but we are working on our issues like always ❤️❤️❤️ thank you?

90 Day Fiance Pao is pregnant

COMMENT: Sooo cute! I love baby bumps! Have you been feeling him move?

PAO: 3 times today so far and I love it!! I want more!

COMMENT: Do you find yourself craving certain foods?

PAO: on Sunday I like to eat pineapple pizza

COMMENT: Awww congrats do u know when your due or can you say?

PAO: I can’t say gorgeous ?

COMMENT: It’s by far the most strange , amazing feeling . I have just started feeling my baby girl kick and now it’s nonstop . I love it .

PAO: I want mine to move like crazy!

COMMENT: you don’t need to sexualize pregnancy it’s supposed to be a beautiful thing not a p0rn cover?

PAO: the way you see it isn’t my problem it is yours for having a perverted mind.

Congratulations again to Pao and Russ! There are reports that the couple will be back for another season of Happily Ever After, but those reports are unconfirmed, so it is unclear if we will get to see the couple’s current pregnancy play out on TLC or if we’ll just all have to keep tuning in on social media. Actually, I’m guessing that most of us will keep tuning in on social media regardless!

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