90 DAY FIANCE Paul Staehle’s wife Karine charged with domestic assault

90 Day Fiance Paul Staehle's wife Karine Martins charged with domestic assault

The escalating tensions between 90 Day Fiance couple Paul Staehle and Karine Martins has resulted in a criminal charge.

According to Kentucky court records, Karine has been charged with fourth degree assault — domestic violence with minor injury, which is a misdemeanor. The Kentucky court system does not provide much information online, so all we have is the charge, a case number, and a hearing date. The case number indicates that it was filed in 2022, but it’s unclear exactly when it was filed.

Karine is scheduled to be in court for a pretrial conference on April 20.

There have been a series of videos posted online that show Paul and Karine fighting. One video shows Karine grabbing Paul by the hair and violently jerking his head backwards. She repeatedly yells “I don’t love you more” at Paul’s face just after grabbing his hair. This video alone seems like more than enough evidence to charge Karine with assault.

In another video, Karine is captured by a security camera taking the couple’s infant son Ethan to a vehicle occupied by Paul. There is a loud exchange between the two prior to Karine storming back without Ethan. Paul then yells at Karine as he accuses her of throwing Ethan into the front seat. Here’s that video:

Paul also accused Karine of trying to have him murdered in a video captured by a camera in the couple’s living room:

Paul and Karine have reportedly filed multiple orders of protection against each other over the past few years. Images of an Order of Protection filed by Karine in January were posted online, which is the most recent that I’ve seen evidence of.

It’s clear that Paul and Karine’s relationship is toxic, and becoming nothing short of dangerous — both to the couple and to their two young children. Hopefully they will take some time apart and focus on developing a healthy co-parenting relationship.

The criminal charges against Karine were first reported by @fraudedmedia on Instagram.

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