90 DAY FIANCE Anna-Marie Mistanoglu gives update on gastric sleeve surgery

Anna-Marie Mistanoglu starred on season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé when she shared her romance with beekeeper Murcel. The reality star got gastric sleeve surgery and is giving fans an update.

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Anna-Marie and Murcel

Anna-Marie and Murcel had the sweetest story on season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé when the couple who met over their shared love of bees tried everything they could to ‘bee’ together (sorry, we had to…)

They had a little bit of a language barrier as Murcel mostly spoke Turkish, but despite their setbacks the two fell very much in love.

The pair ended up finally getting married in September 2019 and even welcomed a baby boy named Gokhan John—via surrogate on April 11, 2022. They all live together in Nebraska, as Murcel’s K1 Visa was eventually approved.

Gastric sleeve update

Anna-Marie Mistanoglu has been transparent about her weight loss journey with fans on Instagram, admitting to getting a gastric sleeve procedure in Turkey earlier this year.

Hi, I’m Anna-Marie. You know me well.
I have four great kids. They are my world.
You’ve seen me on TV. We’ve shared my story.
Now, I want a better life. I need a change.
Gastric sleeve surgery will help me.
This will help me care for my kids better.
I tried many diets before. They didn’t work.
But now, I have hope. I’m ready for this.
This surgery will change my life. I’ll be healthier.
I want to thank you for your support. You’ve been there for me.
Together, we’ll see my life get better. Let’s start this new chapter.
I’m excited for the future. Thank you for being with me.
My health is key for my family. I want to show them the right way.
I’ll have more energy to play with my kids.
I want to teach them self-care and never giving up.
The surgery is a big step. I was nervous but determined.
My loved ones help me. Their love is important.
I’ll work on a healthy life after surgery.
Sharing my progress keeps me on track.
This journey might be hard. I’ll face the challenge.
I dream of a happy life, with lots of love and laughter.
My children push me to be my best self.
The gastric sleeve is my new start, my chance to grow.
I’ll learn to be kind to myself and like my body.
My change can inspire others to make changes too.
We can face life’s problems together, as friends.
Our stories bring us together. We learn from each other.
Every step forward is worth celebrating. Progress is good.
I’ll be thankful for my new health.
Walking this journey, we’ll be side by side.
We will get stronger, happier, and more alive.
My kids will see my change and feel proud.
I can’t wait for the new fun times ahead.
We’ll be happy together for our shared wins.
Let’s promise to keep trying through hard times.
Thank you for being with me. Here’s to a brighter future…

She is giving another update now that she is out of the hospital, and sounds very hopeful about the results she’ll soon be achieving:

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