64-year-old Stevie Wonder is reportedly expecting triplets with girlfriend Tomeeka Robyn Bracy

Stevie Wonder Triplets

You could say Tomeeka Robyn Bracy is Wonder-full! Stevie Wonder’s girlfriend is expecting triplets, multiple sources confirm. The new babies will be the legendary musician’s ninth, tenth and eleventh children.

“It’s Stevie’s mechanism for his happiness,” a family source told Page Six. “I don’t know that he set out to have 11 children, including triplets at his age, but it’s not like he isn’t happy about it or he can’t afford children.”

Stevie, 64, and Tomeeka, 40, quietly welcomed their first child together last year. He was married twice before and has children with five different women. The children now range in age from 1 to 39.

“He knows that being a father is a full-time job and now that he’s a little older, he feels like he’s up to the task and he doesn’t want to let any of them down,” an insider said, adding Stevie admitted he wasn’t as involved in his older children’s lives as he should have been.

When early reports of Tomeeka’s latest pregnancy emerged last month, a source told National Enquirer that Stevie has attended all of his girlfriend’s appointments.

“He actually can’t wait until the birth,” the source said. “Stevie missed so much of his other children’s upbringings, he’s vowed to be there for their children and for his soon-to-be new wife.”

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