16 and Pregnant’s Kianna Randall arrested for burglary and theft

Kianna Randall of 16 and Pregnant arrested

Outspoken 16 and Pregnant star Kianna Randall has been arrested for burglary. According to online records from Tarrant County, Texas she was arrested earlier today and is currently charged with one count of attempted burglary of a habitation, and one count of attempted burglary of habitation-theft. Each count carried a $20,000 bond – $40,000 total.

UPDATE – CLICK HERE to see Kianna Randall’s mug shot photo!

I’m not much of a legal expert but from the research I could gather online these looks to be very serious offenses – especially in a state like Texas where they are notoriously tough on crime. According to the most recent Texas penal codes, attempted burglary of a habitation is a second degree felony, and here’s what that means punishment-wise:

(a) An individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the second degree shall be punished by imprisonment in the institutional division for any term of not more than 20 years or less than 2 years.
(b) In addition to imprisonment, an individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the second degree may be punished by a fine not to exceed $10,000.

The punishment for the theft charge depends on the value of what was stolen. There are some stipulations (if the goods were obtained through a bad check, if a gun was stolen, if the offender has a prior record of theft, etc) but basically it works out like this:

Class C misdemeanor if the value is less that $50

Class B misdemeanor for $50 – $500

Class A misdemeanor for $500 – $1500

State jail felony for $1,500 – $20,000

Third degree felony for $20,000 – $100,00

(Of course there are a few more stages, but I’m guessing Kianna wasn’t attempting to steal anything worth more than $100,000.)

And let’s not forget that Kianna turned 18 in June, so she will be tried as an adult. We don’t have any further information at this time, but will update as soon as we do. If you know anything about Kianna’s arrest please leave a comment below or drop us a line at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com!

Want to know more about Kianna Randall, including her son Kay’den and on-again/off-again fiance Zak Hegab? Be sure to check out our profile post on her! Also, if you don’t mind some of the foulest tweetage in all of celebridom, hop on over to Kianna’s drama-packed Twitter account!

UPDATE – According to posts on Kianna Randall’s official Facebook fan page she is back home after footing her $40,000 bond ($20k for each charge) Here is how her friend Jazmen Mcknight described the current situation:

kianna is at home now this is a fan page not a hate page an the info that was given is wrong yes she was in jail for BURGLARY but she is out her bond was 40,000 because they were 2 charges an they are only high because texas are really forceful on any type of BURGLARY zak is in a detention home only because he is 16 they both have a hearing, but the hearing is to see if they will get jail time and for how long, kianna is not a bad person every body do this daily just dont get caught when it come to her son she is there for him she just made a bad choice to go in that lady house please keep supporting kianna if not dont come on her fan page

I’m all about showing Kianna some support (she is in some seriously deep s*** right now) but I don’t know about this statement: “kianna is not a bad person every body do this daily just dont get caught” I don’t think everybody participates in burglary daily.

In case you were worried about Kianna’s son Kay’den, an admin on her page posted the following: “As you guys may know Kianna&Zak was arrested for robbery&theft and Kay’den is with Kianna’s mom right now so he’s being taking care of!”

UPDATE – We are hearing reports that the charges have been dropped against Kianna. We are working to confirm what coudl really be great news for Kianna. (We haven’t heard anything about the charges against Zak)

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