16 & Pregnant’s Jamie McKay mug shot: arrested for punching a girl twice

Jamie McKay from 16 & Pregnant16 & Pregnant‘s latest episode featured Jamie KcKay, whose baby daddy Ryan McElrah was a stand-out d-bag of the series (and that’s hard to do.) Jamie is seeking sole custody of their daughter Miah because Ryan McElrath is a hard parties on cocaine and booze, and has multiples arrest under his belt.

Unfortunately, Jamie has the most recent arrest. TMZ reports that she was booked January 19, 2011 for punching her classmate twice in the head. Charges were later dropped, but she still has a lingering mug shot to prove that she pulled somewhat of a Jenelle.

Right now we still don’t know the outcome of Jenelle’s vicious beatdown (that was caught on tape, and involved a web of set-ups, deceptions, and all-around craziness,) and Amber Portwood recently turned down a house-arrest plea deal for her felony domestic violence charge against her baby’s daddy Gary Shirley. Will the 16 & Pregnant / Teen Mom violence never stop?

The TMZ story also notes that Jamie’s baby daddy Ryan McElrath has also been arrested three times, most recently on November 30, 2010 for assaulting a female (not Jamie) and resisting officers.


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  • Erin

    *sigh* lawdy lawdy.

  • Vanessa

    What a shocker MTV really knows how to pick this girls from sixteen and pregnant there always in the news for there horrible behavior I don’t understand how MTV and dr drew can keep defending this show and teen mom all girls have serious issues I bet Jamie will be on the next teen mom and her and low life baby father can continue there partying ways and MTV will reward them with fame and money . I knew Jamie was no angel

  • Chelse

    I don’t think it’s fair to attack her like that. The charged were dropped, which could mean a few different things, including the fact that she is innocent. Is it possible that someone accused her of doing it just to get THEIR 15 minutes of fame?

    And no one is perfect, EVERYONE makes mistakes.

  • Becca

    Oh well..stuff happens. I still think she is one of the best moms i have seen on this show! she didnt put up with her silly baby daddy’s drama, she just worried about her daughter 🙂

  • Misty

    You have to think about what you would do if you were put in a situation where some girl acted like your friend throughout your whole pregnancy, and the relationship you thought was going okay turned out to be a lie. He cheated on her and was sleeping with her supposed friend. Not to mention, many women go through post-partem depression (which it’s obvious that she was going through a tought time). What would you do if someone pushed you and pushed you? Nobody is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. If someone pushes you so far when you’re already stretched like an elastic band, you’ll snap back. Jamie is not a low-life, and I’m sure she is a wonderful person. & Vanessa, you always have something rude to say about her. Have you ever considered that maybe criticizing Jamie is a way to avoid your own self-esteem issues? Thank you and have a nice day. Please just remember that you don’t personally know Jamie and that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. If you ask me, whoever dug this up is the lowlife. All they want is their juicy bit of five minute fame. That’s all. Goodbye.

    • Vanessa

      I was not harsh with Jamie I was stating my opinion

  • Krystian

    I don’t think all the teen moms are bad. I think Jenelle and Amber have some serious issues.

    I don’t think Jamie is horrible. As the person above me said, What would you do if one you found out your baby daddy, the one you’ve been with for a year, have a baby with, was cheating on you the entire time you are pregnant, not only while you are pregnant, but while you are in labor? I would flim out as well.

    I love Jamie, and if they do a Teen Mom 4, because they have to do a season for season 2B. As people call it. I hope JAmie is on it.

  • Ash

    I agree w/ vanessa. These girls want to have babies. IF they didn’t-maybe they would use birth control b/c it’s free and easy to get. They also want the attention they get from having a baby. When you get pregnant in this country you automatically get free heatlh care, foodstamps, temporary cash assistance, etc… You are taken care of by the government. Oh yeah and WIC. School is free b/c you get grants. I am 28 and have no kids. I have a chronic kidney condition and cannot work. I tried to get Medicaid,but can’t b/c I have no kids and aren’t pregnant. Why are we rewarded for having kids? I should be rewarded for being responsible, especially when the earth is already way over carrying capacity. We have so many forms of birth control now-it’s so hard to accidentally get pregnant. Come on people.

    • Danielle

      @ Ash idk where it is you are from but where im from birthcontrol is NOT free.You actually have to go to a doctor and they have to give it to you(which means you have to pay for the doctor visit, whatever they do to you, and the birthcontrol).My soon-to-be sister-in-law and her husband have 3 kids and have to live with my fiances mom because of the fact that one CANT work and the other nobody will hire(mostly because shes a woman and has more on her resume’ than most 40 year old men).They do get food stamps but its only 200 a month.She gets unemployment and he gets paid because he is a war veteran.He also cannot work and its still not enough to make a living on.Also, they dont get free health care, the kids do.If this statement about the government taking care of them is so true then why are they having to live with someone else?You figured since both of my soon-to-be-in-laws are retired from the army that they would be taken care of and it would be easy for them to get jobs, but its not.Oh and by the way condoms you CAN get for free but they aren’t 100% efective there is still a chance you can get pregnant.

      @Vanessa You really dont even know what went on, so before you go putting the “bad mommy” stamp on her maybe you should try to figure out the whole story.ANYTHING could have made her react that way.The girl could have said something about her child or family for all we know!

  • Vanessa

    There no excuse for violence doesn’t matter the situation just because a guy cheats that doesn’t mean a girl can get all crazy and start a fight at school she a mother now she needs to learn how to control her emotions and start acting more like a adult and thank god that her ex is out her life now .