RHONJ’s Juicy Joe Giudice arrested for fraudulent driver’s license

Juicy Joe Guidice and Teresa Giudice
Real Housewives of New Jersey househusband Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice is in trouble yet again. Adding to a list of brushes with the law that includes a DWI arrest, forgery, concealing assets, and a bar brawl in the Dominican Republic, Joe was arrested Friday for creating a fake driver’s license! The bust took place at his Towaco, New Jersey home and was conducted by the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Financial Crimes Unit, assisted by Montville police.

Giuseppe Joe Giudice arrested for fraudulent New Jersey driver's licenseUPDATE – CLICK HERE TO SEE JOE’S MUG SHOT PHOTOS FROM THE ARREST!

Teresa Giudice’s husband now faces charges of forgery and “wrongfully using the identifying information of another” for allegedly using his brother’s information to create a new driver’s license at the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles. As you might have guessed, his previously mentioned DWI arrest resulted in a suspended license so this must have been Big Joe’s creative solution.

According to the Baltimore Sun Joe faces up to ten years in prison if convicted.

RadarOnline.com has additional information from the arrest, including a statement from Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay W. McCann which said, “Mr. Giudice was arrested at his home earlier today (Friday) as the result of an investigation this office did with assistance from the state Motor Vechicle Office.”

The site claims “prosecutors will claim Guidice used his brother’s marriage license and birth certificate to obtain the forged license.”

They also looked up the exact charges and the maximum penalties:

Giudice is charged with Wrongfully Using Identifying Information of Another, a violation of NJSA2C:21-17.2, a crime of the second degree, which is punishable by up to ten years in State prison, and Forgery, a violation of NJSA 2C:21-(a), a crime of the fourth degree punishable by up to eighteen months in State Prison.

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  • Watching_the_Train_Wreck!!

    OMG. This guy’s layers are unravaling…. FAST. Teresa – Jump from this sinking ship and say your children and yourself.

    No wonder you are jealous of your sister-in-law…..she has a great husband (your brother) and you have a piece of dirt….wanna-be!!

    Hey Joe – get ready for the big house……and don’t drop the soap!!! Or better yet – please DO DROP THE SOAP!

  • My Lord, what on earth did Teresa EVER see in this goon? Better yet, what does ANYBODY see in Teresa? Did he really think he could use his BROTHER’S identity, even though he’s been on NATIONAL TV for a couple of years, and NOBODY was going to notice!!!!! OOH he’s so smart!

  • Claire

    I have the best offer for the Guidices…I will take custody of the 4 girls, bath the makeup off of them, dress them in little girl clothes, take them to Church every Sunday, love them more than myself and more than material things and bring them up to be loving , charitable women…give them a good chance at a moral life and think about it T and J.