REPORT Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gia gets her own reality show

Gia Giudice reality show with 3kt Real Girl Group of New York New Jersey

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gia Giudice has been making headlines recently as one of three members of the all-girl music group 3KT. The trio has released two music videos and even had a live performance over the weekend attended by lots of friends and family. But, friends and family were apparently not the only ones in attendance as it is being reported that video cameras have also been following Gia for the last couple of months filming a new reality show!

“It will be all about her group, 3KT. They’ve been filming already for two months,” a source tells E! News. “So far, the footage is really fun. Once the pilot is completed, they’ll start shopping it to the networks.”

And don’t worry, the show is not going to be the next Dance Moms or Toddlers & Tiaras with the focus being more on the parental drama than the young stars. “All the girls’ families are in it here and there,” the source says, “But it’s not a show about the grownups; it’s all about the girls.”

Gia’s mom Teresa, who is just one week away from beginning a 15-month sentence for her fraud conviction, is doing her best to not take anything away from Gia and her 3KT band mates. “Teresa’s thrilled but is keeping her distance. She’s really not interested in being in the spotlight right now. She wants the focus to be on Gia.”

As I mentioned above, 3KT had their first concert on Friday at iPlay America in Freehold, New Jersey. Here’s a clip of their performance of Britney Spears’ “Circus,” which the group covered for their very first single and music video back in October:

After their performance the gals sat with Jessica Norton from “Camera By Her Side” and answered questions, including “What does 3KT mean and where did the name come from?”

The group took to their instagram page to express their appreciation for all of the support at the event:

For those curious about 3KT, here’s a little more info on the group from the Xist Talent website:

3KT’s members are Gia Giudice -13, Alexa Maetta-16 and Cristianna Cardinale-14, reside in NY and NJ. The formation of the group, with roots in singing, dancing, rapping and acting, was a no-brainer for Xist Owner and Agent, Maria DeSantis. Maria, who has represented Gia since 2007, had appeared in episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey as Gia Giudice’s Talent Agent for acting and dance during Seasons 1, 2 & 4. Alexa Maetta, a highly talented and skilled competition and hip hop dancer since the age of 2, was discovered in 2011 at a local dance convention. Cristianna Cardinale was signed in 2014, through Xist talent scouts, and impressed Maria and the Agency with her rapping and beat-boxing skills.

So would you tune in to a 3KT reality show?

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