PHOTO Teen Mom Chelsea Houska gets her tongue pierced

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska gets her tongue pierced!

In addition to pregnancy rumors, car accidents, pot-smoking videos, new boyfriends and airport arrivals we also keep on top of all the Teen Mom body art additions including tattoos and… piercings!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota’s most famous resident Chelsea Houska posted the above photo on Twitter yesterday revealing a brand spanking new tongue piercing! (Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Chelsea has gone completely blond!)

Chelsea responded to a tweet mentioning the piercing:

MissAdub85: @ChelseaHouska giirrrlll u do not have ur tongue pierced!!! God u remind me of myself wayyyy too much when I was ur age &I’m old now…25!☹

Chelsea Houska: @MissAdub85 lol I randomly decided to do it today I had it pierced and wanted it again.

The tongue hole punch came after Chelsea debated on getting a different piercing in the same place as Marilyn Monroe’s mole:

Chelsea Houska: hmmm. keep bottom lip piercing or take that out and get monroe pierced?..i cant decide :/

So whatya think of Chelsea’s new tongue bling? While you think about it, here are some photos of Chelsea Houska with blond hair:

Chelsea Houska shows off her new blond hair Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska with blond hair Pictures of Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska with blonde hair
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  • Bill

    She is the hottest teen milf of them all. Major crush on Chelsea and I don’t normally think of stars or reality stars as people I say wow but her, something about her. I hope she don’t let the pseudo celebrity thing go to her head like other reality show people. Stay grounded Chelsea!

    • Janie

      Do you know piercing your Tong can cause more likely hood of a heart attack and poisoning of your body? My daughter did hers and when she researched it, she removed the tong ring and never put it back as she has children to raise. Yes she is married. folks.

  • Jessica

    what phone is chelsea using

    • Samantha

      It’s an HTC Droid Incredible. :)

  • chelsie

    It’s an HTC phone most like with android OS and I’m pretty sure she has Verizon service .

    • Daniel

      If it is an Droid phone, Then it obviously have the Android Operating System (OS). Believe me, I know a lot about computers:)

      • Daniel

        I meant to say has. I HATE it when I do that:(

  • Danielle

    She needs to get the hair out of her face.

    • Daniel

      Yeah, I agree with you 100%. How can she see with that hair covering her eyes? If I were to get in a car with her I wouldn’t let her drive it. I’d have somone else drive it or I would drive it. I dont wanna get hurt in an accident.

      • Daniel

        If she told me she wanted to drive I’d say f–k you! Not until you get your haircut!

  • chloe

    i agree with can the girl even see her child to take care of her…the messy ‘do takes away from her looks..i thought she was alot prettier before the blonde dye and tongue piercing a lil too late in life…

  • sierra

    I love Chelsea , she is one of my favorite teen mom . She is so pretty i like her hair brunette and blonde! Not all the way blonde. She is a good teen mom! I just hope she trust adam more and doesnt let him hurt her again , like he did before, sending her that text , and yes she has verizon bc we have the same phone ahhhhh :) coooool Chelsea we have the same phone :) Love you Chelsea , Aubree ….. Love ya (nh) xoxo sierra (YOUR BIGGEST FAN) <3

  • kata

    Oh yeah this show os showing the hardships of being a teen mom. She seems really hard up with her new hair, on a whim piercing, and expensive cell phone. No getting pregnant isn’t glamorous. This show needs to stop showing spoiled rich brats getting knockedup

    • sierra

      Ok look if you don’t like chelsea , then don’t bad talk about her!! It really bugs me to see all these people trash talk someone else! who cares if her daddy is rich , don’t give you the right to bad talk her …What if i bad talked you and didn’t even know your life , i’d be turning out like you…So don’t go trash talking someone YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW!!!!

      • Daniel

        I agree with you on that.

  • Kat

    WHHHHYYYY does she always have that swoosh side hair thing in her face???!?! am I the only one that is bothered by it?!!?! How can she even see??????

  • Viviu

    I absolutely love Chelsea. I think it’s ridculously dumb that people are focusing on her physical appearance. Who the eff cares f her parents are loaded and she can get pretty much whatever she wants? All it comes down to is that she is an amazing parent to Aubree and doesn’t let anything change that. If I colored my hair completely blonde and got a piercing, that’d automatically make me a bad parent? I don’t think so.

  • Toni

    The all blonde looks a lot better….before it looked kinda dirty a lot of the time. Love Chelsea!

  • JustinBieber294

    Chelsea looks good blonde and brunnette tongue piercing!! LMAO if they do it wrong it will ruin her taste buds but cool I want one tongue piercing too I wanna be just like her

    • Ashley Robins

      Why do u wanna be like her her she’s a pathetic mother and very sorry girl

  • Ashley Robins

    while you’re sitting their flashing it off you have no job and nothing going for u but yet you’re going to get your tongue pierced. smh! POOR AUBREY ,the best person for her is your dad, at least he could provide 4 her

  • Mel

    How does she get her hair curled like that in the second pic??? I like it but don’t know how to do it????

  • Robin

    Where is she getting all this money for superficial things? Does her dad pay for everything? That’s the only reason Aubree is taken care of: Chelsea’s father. Chelsea doesn’t have a job or any money. Her dad pays for her house and any material or physical things she wants. She had a baby in high school and her father buys her a house and lets her boyfriend live there rent free. ugh. She’s being REWARDED for being irresponsible. It’s disgusting.

  • youdontknowme

    @Mel- It looks like she used a flat iron to curl her hair. There are some good videos on youtube, if you would like some tips.

    Chelsea’s bang swoop is annoying, like someone said above, how can she see? It reminds me of a Donald Trump combover, lol.

  • Kaylee k

    I fink Chelsea is a perfect example that even when you or ur parents have money it can’t buy u happiness! Chelsea has to struggle dealing with what’s best for aubree in regards to letting Adam in that poor little girls life! Chelsea seems a fantastic mum and loves aubree to bits and surely money shunt come into her parenting skills! Aslong as that baby is well looked after and loved hat the eff is wrong with dying her hair and that! She’s still a young girl who wants to take care of her looks and that DOES NOT have n e fin to do with her parents cash!!! All u negative people out there are dumb in finkin MTV Wud show a programme in which 5 young mums are ALL struggling with money! no one Wud wana watch that! Chelates story is real and unfortunately is a common issue in young mums (dead beat baby daddy) if u have nufin nice or posotive to say about chelsea why watch here or read about her life? perfetic judgmental people who actually have no idea what it feels like to be in her shoes! I LOVE CHELSEA!!!!

  • ashbash10

    chelsea is a beautiful girl and she has a beautiful daughter i hope she is done with adam!!

  • Brianna

    You guys have your information wrong, she doesn’t live in Sioux Falls. I live in Sioux Falls so I think I should know.. She lives in a small town near Sioux Falls though.

  • katharine

    I LOVE how people are hating on her, calling her a horrible mother, when she does everything by herself. She occasionally gets a break when her parents take the baby for a little while. But, other than that, shes a great mother 24/7. If you think shes a bad mother, you need to see what a bad mother really looks like.

    • Erica


  • Chelsea

    Chelsea you and your daughter rock! I think that you an Adam should never go out again! Are you still after what he said about aubree that she was a big mistake

  • stephanie

    Chelsea is a great mom, just because her dad helps her out makes her a bad mother? Well, I guess I’m a TERRIBLE mom then. I got pregnant at 18 & had my daughter at 19. My parents are helping me financially until I can support us on my own. There is nothing wrong with that. Would you all rather her father say “screw you” & Aubree & Chelsea have nothing? Yeah, you guys are awesome people! Don’t judge people when you don’t even know them. I got my lip pierced & I’m planning on dying my hair – once again, guess I’m a horrible mom. Just because you get pregnant young, does not mean you are irresponsible! Chelsea does everything for her daughter; that’s what being a good mom is about. Caring & loving your children unconditionally.

    • Erica


  • Erica

    OMG just because she likes to look good! (which most ppl do last time i checked!!!!!!!)Nand does her hair, and make up, and has nice things DOESNT MAKE HER A BAD PERSON!!! geeeees. and u dont like her hair??? WHO CARES OVIOUSLY SHE LIKES IT!!! maybe people dont like the way u dress, do ur hair etc. doesnt make it wrong??? and since when does being a teen mom mean not being able to BE YOURSELF?!?!?!?! just because chelsea had a child at a young age doesnt mean she cant dress, and what not the way SHE WANTS. damn, back the fu** off people.
    I LOVE CHELSEA.period.

  • Blondie

    People need to realize that the show, Teen Mom, isn’t about showing the lives of pregnant people who are all exactly the same. It wouldn’t be interesting if they were. It shows a diverse group of girls, being young and coming from different backgrounds and situations. That’s why we see some people keep their babies, some give them up, some sign their rights over, some rich, some poor, some ethnic, some married, some single. It isn’t right for people to be hating on Chelsea because her family is wealthy. That isn’t her fault. Yea she is a little spoiled but she’s young and will have the rest of her life to be working and paying bills.

  • Jessica

    I think it’s stupid for you guys to bash her for getting piercings & dying her hair. It has NOTHING to do with the kind of mother she is. I got pregnant at 18 and by the time I have the baby will be 19 and I have my tongue & lip pierced and plan on getting a tattoo and my belly button re-done, just because I’m going to be a mom it doesn’t mean that I can’t still do these things. I also plan on dying my hair too, always have & always will. As long as its not taking away money that I NEED to support my daughter then why make a big deal of it? Chelsea is a great mother, so what if her dad helps her out every once in a while. Just get over it

  • baby gir;

    i think she is the pretties so far on teen mom!!!