PHOTOS Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry arrives in LA with Jordan and Isaac

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry her son Isaac and boyfriend Jordan arrive in Los Angeles

First we got to see Jenelle touch down and now we have pictures of Kailyn Lowry arriving at LAX for the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special with Dr. Drew!

Kailyn had her son Isaac in a stroller and was with her new man Jordan who was toting some serious baggage and wearing a wacky color-block sweatshirt that looks exactly like what Pennsylvanians think people from Los Angeles wear.

Kailyn was sporting shades and a Florida Gators t-shirt which may begin speculation that we have two teen moms planning on relocating to the Sunshine State!

UPDATE – It seems the photographers in Los Angeles were a bit unruly! Here’s what Kailyn posted on her Facebook page earlier today:

Paparazzi in LA are reckless… good thing I have no make up on and I’m in sweats, lol. Not.

Kailyn had her hair in a pony tail and to the side, which revealed a rather wordy tattoo across her shoulders that reads, “In the world you are one person but to one person you are the world,” which I am guessing a tribute to her son:

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry's tattoo on her back and shoulders

That’s two down and two to go as Kailyn and Jenelle are officially “in the house” in the City of Angels! Stay tuned to see if Chelsea and Leah were able to escape the diligent lenses on the Los Angeles paparazzi…

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  • nikki

    You still look great girl!!

  • Abwell


  • China

    Damn she looks beat in this pic.. I know she was traveling but still you shouldnt look like you just rolled out of bed especially when your about to go out in public. And why does Izzy look messy… Wheres child services when you need them!

    • 2cents

      Child services for them looking like they all stepped out of bed or maybe a LONG FLIGHT?

  • Jessica

    Jordan look kinda of dumb and Kali needs to dress better and she needs to cut her hair it is to long

    • 2cents

      “and” you need to learn what a run on sentence is. And.. and… and…

    • 2cents

      Jordan looks “kinda” dumb? lol sheesh. If you are going to tease someone about looking stupid, please don’t sound like one.

  • Karen

    Get these people off my TV!

  • Kim

    you f**king ASSHOLES need to hop off kail.. you act like you dress up and wear a full face of makeup when you fly across the country. pretty sure you wouldnt. and China, youre a f**king idiot. it’s called isaac is a BABY. babies get messy, especially when theyre out all day. i’d LOVE to see you keep a baby clean for more than 45 mins. gooood f**king luck. people are f**king pathetic that they need to talk shit on someone who is simply walking through an airport. its an AIRPORT, not a red carpet.

    • Lisa

      I second that! These are what REAL people look like!

  • Brooke

    OMG WHAT is wrong with you? If youre going to leave stupid ass comments picking on the way someone dresses, dont comment. Go find someone else to make stupid remarks about. And she needs to cut her hair? Really? Maybe you should go shave your head! Jeez. Your guys’ comments are immature, and sound very freaking stupid!

  • izabel

    Wow! She looks nasty. At least put on a pair of jeans and a hoodie so you don’t look like you’re dirty. It also wouldn’t hurt to run a brush through that rat’s nest. She claims she has no money, yet she has money to get a redneck tattoo on her zit-scarred back. Gross!

  • audrey

    yes yes. omg how dare her go out of her house like that. she should have spent less time taking care of isaac in the middle of the night and more time doing her hair and makeup to sit on a damn plane. and ew is isaac dirty??? you mean babies get dirty…

    to all the haters: if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, stop trying to make yourself feel better by putting other people down. further more if you look at her, obviously she wasn’t even aware the photo was being taken! and that is not a hick tattoo…that sounds like something that would be on a hallmark greeting card. pre

  • stepahanie

    OMG, she is a b****, she used Jo’s family cause her mom left her. You could see she never loved him of the family for helping her. On the show where she told Jordan she had no where to go after being kicked out, it was as she wanted him to say come live with me, my family take care of you. I think that is the only thing her mother showed her how to use men. S**T, and get some proactive for your back. She ranks for mom right next Jenael.

    • 2cents

      I had to admit it, but I agree to a certain extend. I thought she acted a bit rigid in body language and selfish as well and I never could understand why she provoked him with her passive aggressive tendencies. I now know because the re-cap show. She was sleeping with Jon and going back and forth between the two men. I think she had always been afraid he would spill the beans out of spite and take what she thought she deserved. To make it clear to him that she was no longer interested, she used the “argument” excuse and provoked many more after. I get the whole, “he and I argue too much”, “He’s verbally abusive” etc. I would have got out too, but I don’t think using people until you got a leg up was fair. She absolutely loved shoving that in his face and crying when he explodes to prove to herself and others that he was a monster. When Drew called her on it, I was thrilled because I wanted her to see the error of her ways. It would have been nice to see more of a sincere apology towards them vs. a defensive one, but I think karma would bring that on or at least some humbling.

  • feesha

    wow! this country is so full of hateful ignorant people!! Give this girl a break!

  • Charlotte

    Oh how ridiculous people commenting on her atire!! So she doesnt get of a flight looking like a super model, get over it!….She is wearing clothing she obviously feels comfortable in, so respect to her for not making image such a crucial thing. She is “naturally” pretty and to who said she should cut her hair because it’s too long, are you kidding me?…….her hair is beautiful, if you hadnt noticed the amount of celebs paying for extensions to get hair as long as hers, really are people that shallow minded to comment on her cutting her hair :/. She is who she is, a great mother and it takes ignorant people to comment on such trival things :)

  • Lisa

    OMG people you act like everytime you step out side your dresses to the max. I no when i go out side im not dressed my bessed, let it be.