Taylor Armstrong Tulsa Union High School yearbook photos as Shana Hughes

RHOBH Taylor Armstrong as Shana Hughes from her 1989 Tulsa Union High School yearbook

I was doing some research on the mysterious past of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Taylor Armstrong when I ran across these yearbook photos of her when she was a senior named Shana Hughes at Tulsa Union High School in Oklahoma.

Taylor Armstrong high school yearbook picture

The majority of Taylor’s past still remains an intriguing mystery checkered with numerous business start-ups and almost as many aliases including Shana Hughes, Shana Ford, Shana Taylor, Taylor Ford and Taylor Ford-Armstrong during her 39 years on this planet. But there is one period we seem to have pretty much nailed down, and that is from 1988-1989 during which Taylor was an attractive (and remarkably thin-lipped in contrast) member of the Tulsa Union High School cheerleading squad that won a national competition in 1988.

Here is Shana hoisting the squad’s trophy:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong as a high school cheerleader

Believe it or not, Shana was actually quoted in People magazine the following year when her squad returned to defend their title. The magazine asked Shanna (with an extra “n”) what she though Tulsa Union’s chances were for repeating as champs, to which Shana gave a rather startling answer:

Last year’s best large varsity team was Tulsa (Okla.) Union High School. This year, though, Tulsa Union senior Shanna Hughes isn’t optimistic. “Our chances are slim to none,” she says. For one thing, “our coach won’t let us do any dancing with our legs apart or anything that looks kind of, well, you know….”

I’m guessing a cheerleading routine in which all the girls keep their legs together could be rather lame and would consist mainly of hopping and somersaults. (I’m kidding – just taking Taylor’s Shana’s comments too literally)

Here’s a group shot of the Tulsa Union High School varsity cheerleading squad from the yearbook – Shana Hughes is in the front row second from the left:

Taylor Armstrong as Shana Hughes member of 1989 Tulsa Union High School cheerleading team

And here’s Taylor striking an adorable pose in her cheerleading uniform on the living room floor:

Taylor Armstrong in high school as Shana Hughes

Any fellow Union High students out there have photos or stories to share? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or email us at starcasmtips (at) yahoo.com.

  • There was an interesting article about Taylor as Taylor Ford dating her now husband Russell. They were in Florida at the time, dscribed as con artists. They told people she was a heir to the Ford Motor Company.
    She had the big lips, but no hair extensions, and she was a little heavier, not so anerxic as she looks now.
    I think some creepy dirty secrets will continue to surface about her. She seems like a snake.

    • Ch

      wow, she is a snake, a pathetic person who craves wealth and will do whatever it takes to get it!! She is evil.

  • Kris

    Shanna also cheered at the Univ of Ok and was on their national championship squad.

    • SAMRA

      Hey would u please fill in the blanks, from ok to la what
      happened in her past. She is a con artist n grifter. Spill
      the beans ASAP. Thank U

      • JB

        interesting, she dated one of my best friends for 1 year in Las Vegas under Shanna Taylor this was 92′ -93′.. interesting playour of events..

  • I’m curious, what is the evidence about Taylor’s multiple aliases and where is the article about Florida? Was there legal action?

  • Amir Albarzi

    Keep looking! You are at the tip of the iceberg with this story. Taylors past is SHHHHADDDY!

  • Los Angeles

    It seems like she is hiding a lot from her past. She changed her name from Shana Hughes to Shana Taylor, then to Taylor Ford. That is not typical and not normal. Frankly, it is very strange.
    She appears to be such a social climber and obsessed with trying to impress people that her life in Beverly Hills is so wonderful. I hope for her sake it is, but from what I’ve observed, her entire life is fake…her career, her friendships, her marriage, her face, her ownership of companies. It’s very sad to see someone like Taylor (Shana)who is so pretentious, fake, phony, and such a liar.

    • Ch

      I agree, and she is definitely a sociopath. I feel bad for Russell she set him up to look bad! Even tho they are both shady, but if you heard the 911 call, the only thing she said when they discovered Russells body was “I need MY psychiatrist!” REALLY?! How morbidly selfish is that>There is nothing beautiful about this snake!

  • watching Taylor during the show was enough to know she is hopelessly insincere. reading this just provides more reasons to believe it.

    Lisa and Kim were both sure to point out Taylor’s role in the Kyle vs. Camille debacle (though Lisa did so a little more eloquently). at first, Taylor did partially own her actions and admitted that if she could do it over, she never would have said anything because she really did not know that Kyle had used the word “insecure.” at a superficial glance, one might be pacified by Taylor’s response. but this is not satisfying. why would Taylor think the discussion she had was ever appropriate, let alone appropriate when Camille was already upset? Taylor was covering for herself, given that Taylor was the one discussing Camille’s insecurities at the airport. true, Kim used the specific word “insecure,” but it was in the context of understanding what Taylor had already been saying about Camille feeling insignificant. so Taylor was pretty much walking on eggshells throughout the whole show in order to keep up her game of make believe: she conveniently sat wide-eyed and remarkably silent when Camille accused Kyle of making a snide comment that, in fact, had been made by Taylor … and she was so threatened by Kim (because Kim did know what was going on and in her unrehearsed, direct, and vulnerable way, called Taylor on her behavior).

  • Cara

    Too bad she has disfigured herself the way she has. My gosh, she looked so normal and now she looks terrible!

  • paula smith

    she deserves to look terrible. As soon as I saw her spend so much on that little girls party I knew she was a crook spending someone elses money. I cant see anyone spending their own money so foolishly. I bet she never paid for that jewelry either. She is such a fool with a dud like Russell just cause hes a good con artist. She looks like the fool she is. I wouldnt be with a dud like him and I’m not half as good looking as she once was prior to her stupid looking plastic surgery!

  • mary

    I feel so sorry for the child. She craves her mother’s attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if she pinched the kid’s arm in order to get rid of the puppy. The husband is a dud but he’s the only one who pays any attention to the kid. Hope he would get custody, if they are seperated.

    Also there were 2 parties. Adult and child parties for the daughter’s b-day. She ignored her kid and wanted all eyes on her. I think she was jealous that the puppy upstaged her.

  • catdoc

    Man, she doesn’t look ANYTHING like she once did! At least people recognize me from my senior picture!

  • Katie

    I hate to say it, but for all of Taylor’s emphasis on looks, that poor little child of hers is not pretty at all and I suspect her attitude is not very sweet, but kind of spoiled and entitled. She needs less of: very expensive birthday party/shopping trips and more of: digging in the dirt/story time at the public library. I wish the best for her. And for mom, whatever her name may be.

  • sunnydt

    Um gemjunior the pic lying on the floor next to the fireplace IS most definatly shana lol. I had several classes and graduated with her. So I dunno where you got that bit of information. Btw shana was probably the prettiest girl in the school at that time.

    • gemjunior

      Wow, that’s really sad because she ain’t the prettiest gal anymore LOL. Sorry if I’ve offended you, having been acquaintances with her. I must say the yearbook picture of her is pretty and even aged over decades would look far prettier than whatever she’s done to herself. I cannot say I find the girl remotely attractive now – I am not a big fan of women’s faces that are “enhanced” by plastic surgery of any kind or botox, fillers – whatever. She has a distinctly odd face now, and what passes for beauty, attractiveness etc., nowadays is simply a way-overtoned body and fluffy hair. The face hardly matters nor does it’s expressions. Tits-on-a-stick, Hair-on-a-stick, whatever. Taylor’s pretty outside during H.S. gave her a taste for attention and she will do anything to get it.

      • sunnydt

        I understand. Shana does not look like the same person today. It seems some people don’t like themselves and it seems they will change their outward appearance to try to cover up or hide what they really don’t like within themselves. So many people have destroyed their looks this way. I don’t think shana is ugly today but looks totally different than what she use to. I think if she left her lips alone she would be just fine (appearance wise that is).