Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans admits Andrew Lewis isn’t Jace’s father?

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans and her son Jace

Who needs to watch Teen Mom 2 when the drama plays out in the tabloids and online in real time every day?!?

In case you missed it, Jenelle Evans and her former friend Kaylin Zorich are in an all-out battle royale after Kaylin told OK! magazine that Andrew Lewis couldn’t be the father of Jenelle’s son Jace because he was in rehab at the time Jenelle got pregnant. That has resulted in lots of back-and-forths between the two online as well as numerous third party participants offering up their opinions and starting various anti-Kaylin and anti-Jenelle Facebook fan pages.

(CLICK HERE for a synopsis of the OK! article as well as a detailed account of Rounds 1-3 in which Jenelle posted Kaylin’s phone number and mug shot online! For Kaylin’s response to the feud, CLICK HERE for our exclusive interview with her including a photo of Kaylin and Jenelle together back before their falling out.)

In the most recent chapter of this modern-day virtual uncivil war, Jenelle posted the following photo of Kaylin (left) and a friend (I blurred out her face but not her amazing Mardi Gras Grass pot necklace!) with the caption “kaylin.. PLEASE buy some new foundation.”

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans posted this photo of ex-friend Kaylin Zorich on Facebook

That in itself isn’t so shocking, especially given Jenelle’s earlier acts of vengeance, but Jenelle later added some very revealing comments about Kaylin and what she told OK!

Jenelle & Jace Fanpage that girl in that pic to the left is the girl who sold me out to OK! Magazine and got paid for it. she told them my deepest darkest secret. enough said. not talking about it no more.

Jenelle & Jace Fanpage im rude? yu guys DONT KNOW HER. she is a 2-faced, backstabbing, wh0re, shoots heroin, sells catalytic converters for crack, will fu** yr CURRENT bf, ex bf, best friend EVEN IF SHE IS A GIRL, and SHE is the one trying to get pregnant on purpose with her ugly a$$ redneck bf.

Jenelle & Jace Fanpage i told kaylin my secret becuz I THOUGHT SHE WAS MY TRUE FRIEND. we have knew each other since we were 12 and she steals and lies. thats all she is good at.

I think that about says it! Wow! I wonder what happens now because Andrew has supposedly been making child support payments. And will this impact any future custody disputes between Jenelle, her mom Barbara and whoever the father is?!? Tune in every day for more!

It should be noted that Jenelle did have a brief moment of almost contriteness when she posted this comment:

Jenelle & Jace Fanpage ill admit kaylin isnt THAT ugly, but she can do better then the man she has, LMFAO.

Awwwwww, that was sweet.

Top photo: Jenelle Evans and son Jace out and about from earlier today. (SplashNews.com)

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  • Suzie

    Where is her baby when she is spending so much time on facebook? tired of this girl already, raise your son!@

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jenelle-Evans-Anti-Fan-Page/119393461457496 Brittney

    Just for the record. The Anti-Jenelle page was up WAY before anything went down with Kaylin. I created it because when we said anything that Jenelle didnt like she called us “ugly” & told us that it was a FAN page not a hate page.. In return I made a Anti-Fan page where people like myself could voice their views on Jenelle and not have to deal with her BS.

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  • http://facebook liberty

    hey no a fence but my cousein called you a dork face but sorry i just wont to beet up that girl uhu

  • http://www.twitter.com/arianamarie ariana

    that poor child doesn’t even want to be near his mother…she’s mad at Kaylin because it’s the truth and she must have done something to her, Jenelle is going to pay!

  • http://www.twitter.com/arianamarie ariana

    team kaylin!

  • jaydd

    awwww!!! would you look at that turnz out JENNELLE REALLY IS A SL*T!!! SHE COPLETLEY LIED ABOUT WHO HER BABY DADDY WAS!! and in the end she just got dissed all over the internet! like wtf whoever lies about her baby daddy!! goody for her mom, and thankfully she has her because if she didnt where would her and jace be!!………..yeah exactly that chick needs to get her priorities straight and quit f*cking around!! damn chick when yu gonna learn life is hard and yo momz aint always gonna be there to care for YU and yo baby!!

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  • Alicia

    I can’t stand either one of them. Kailyn is an emotionless bitchh & thinks she’s hot stuff – janelle needs to learn some respect, woman up & be a mother !

  • Chelsea

    I think Jenelle needs to just settle down and do her homework and watch her baby get rid of all the drama and bitches that talk shit i think should could be a good mom if she tired and she could keep a job.. shes pretty as hell but shes just to dumb to realize what a good thing she has Her mother is a crazy bitch on the tv show but if you sit back Jenelle would be in prison right now if it wasnt for her mother.. I love teen mom but they should show more the the story.. Jenelle you made everyone hate ur ex bf.. and it wasnt even his kid you need to grow up!

    • steph

      I couln’t have said it better myself!:)

  • Kyra

    Jenelle is gonna end up with an STD if she keeps having sex with any guy old enough to chew food. The girl at under 20 years old has more baggage than most hollywood flunkies have at age 50. heck, she has makes Lindsay Lohan look like a Nun!!!
    Keep it up jenelle, have lots sex, smoke lotsa pot, don’t ever get a job, steal from your Mom, keep getting arrested AND by age 30 you will be in Prison and your 10 kids will all refuse to visit you and 9 of the baby’s fathers (Jace will be with Grandma his entire life and start calling her MOM)will sue YOU for child support

    • britany

      your first sentance is gross! whats wrong with you

  • Stacie

    So I’m a watcher of the show, coulda been on there myself at 16. I got pregnant at 16had my son at 17,got pregnant AGAIN with my daughter when my son was only 3mon. old! Let me just say : For all of you kids out here TRYING to get knocked up,…its a very careless, selfish thing to do. You want to have children when you have a home of your own (cuz believe me trying to raise 2kids with a neat-freak,mean ass mother is about enough to really make you hate your life), a good job,..or A job period, and a father for the kid(S). After you’ve gotton your education cuz take it from me ladies its not all the fun you think it’ll be. I didn’t get prego. on purpose but must say I WAS happy(though feared my parents) about the 1st one. The 2nd one I just cried when my bf went n2 the bathroom to read the pregnancy test and he was drunk at the time and just nodded his head at me like it was no big deal. Sure were bringing another life into this world but let me just act as though its nothing but a small hiccup and things will mellow back out! Anyways enough with my life story. My point was that I know all too well all the drama he said she said, they said B.S. that goes along with teens and more so when theres a question of who is the babies real father. Not that that happened to me or anything. I was 16with a 27 year old man I was pregnant by. I’m still with him to this day and our son is now 13 and daughter just turned 12. Jenelle I doubt you’ll read this but if you do I promise it’ll get easier with time. Just do yourself, and your son a huge favor and get your shit together girl.I’m now 30years old and still look back at how my life could have been. I’d LOVE to have a chance to let all of these young moms know how it really is gonna be. Especially all of you young girls trying to get pregnant or like I was a just wasn’t always careful cuz you always think “Oh I won’t get pregnant, .nope not me” You NEVER think anything bad could ever happen to you. I know that feeling all to well. Anyway this has gotton to be way too damn long and off my point. Just all you girls out there dont go trying to get yourselves “Knocked Up” cuz believe me I promise you its a whole hell of a lot harder than you think I will swear to that. You see how these girls have it. Well what if that really were you??? Could you handle it? Or perhaps all you little girls are just thinking “Oh if I get pregnant when I turn 16 I can be a t.v. star holy shit dude let me go screw everyone HELL YEA Bitches Ima be on tv woo-hoo!” lol I honestly think thats how some of these girls think. Not that I’m saying that about any of the girls on the show cuz I’ve grown to like all of them actually. My fav being the one with the twins. Guess cuz although my 2 were a year and almost 2weeks apart I can best relate to her & I also had a father to my kids that was really a good father as she does! Anyways thats all I’m gonna say besides. Jenelle don’t let your Mother drive you too nuts. Damn I feel for you. While she loves you and cares about you and you really are lucky to have her she needs to stop bitching so damn much. She’s even worse than my Mama was lol and THATS BAD!!! Good luck to all the teen Mothers out there. Reach your goals, I still am working on finishing all of mine 😉

  • http://starcasm.net Ramona

    Jenelle is an illiterate juvenile delinquent who needs to have that sweet angelfaced Jace snatched far away from the destruction that has become her sorry life. Her mother (thank god for her) is probably the only reason that poor sweet baby is even still alive today. She deserves nothing more than to have that LOSER with a capital L Keiffer suck her dry until she is a totally worthless member of society, on welfare and bannned from that angels life. I do hate to sound so bitter about someone who makes mistakes and learns from them but she is far too self centered for that. Please Barbara, lock your doors and show that brat some tough love, and maybe she will wake the f**k up before its way too late.



    • Arin

      Jenelle isn’t a bad mom or a bad person. She is a teenage. We all make mistakes, who really can’t say they didnt go after a bad boy? or didn’t do something to hurt their mom? The way her mom talks to her is what messed her up, That hurts her mentally, she has it in her head that she won’t be good enough, Trust me I’d know my mom did it to me for 13 years (and still does), now I’m not saying Jenelle going out and smoking weed and drinking all the time is a good thing but when she takes one step forword her mom always tells her she could do better. which in bull crap. Once in a while would it kill her to say.. I’m proud of you Jenelle. Good job. :)

      • http://Hotmail Kayla

        THANKYOU. Someone who understands from my oint of view. She’s just being held back, she’ll make it. She’s not a hoe or anything. She’s a normal teenager. FACE IT. Everyone’s done something they are not proud of. Jenelle, your a good person. don’t forget it.

  • dustin

    umm i dont know if any of you know either jenelle or andrew personally but i do know andrew and there is no question in either of their minds that andrew is the father i dont know where any of this is coming from

  • Kayla

    seriously people, do you not have anything better to do than talk crap about Jenelle. I’m pretty sure none of you know her personally so you really can’t say if she’s a bad person and a bad parent. on the show they obviously don’t show everything. i know she’s obviously not perfect, but everyone makes mistakes and she’s no exception. i’ll admit, if i were in her situation i think i would’ve handled things differently, but what’s done is done and all she can do now is try and make things better, so she can get Jace back. i’m not gonna force my opinions on you, but please quit coming on here just to talk crap about her.

  • Summer Pierce:)

    Jenelle is a horrible mother, no question at all. She needs to stop worrying about her “friend” snitching her out and realize that one day Jace will be watching all of the videos. How does she plan on explaining that she lied about who the father was? This is one case I strongly believe adoption shouldve been forced on this girl! TRASH, your giving all young mothers a horrible name!

  • harriette

    I’m a mother to a 20 month old boy, I’m raising him alone I was pregent at 16 I’m now almost 19! I don’t regret having him at all I struggled at first and had my mum looking out for him because I couldn’t get to grips with him, just because jenelle don’t work, and she doesn’t stay at home 24/7 with jace, i still think she will be a good mother, I don’t work and spend 24/7 with my child but I’d go to hell and back If it ment he’d have everything he wanted and I bet jenelle would do the same for jace I think people need to cut her some slack nobodys perfect at anything you learn by ur mistakes

  • amanda

    Frankly, none of you have the right to make comments about her. None of you are in her situation. The only people who seem to understand all the hardship jenelle is going through are the mothers who posted comments on here saying that she still can be a good mom. For all of you calling jenelle a s**t, hoe, whatever – try putting yourself in her shoes and see how hard it is. I’m not a mom so i have NOO IDEA what she’s going through so i’m not going to sit on my ass and make mean, ignorant comments about her.

    ANDDD no one can say that they wouldn’t be just as upset and jenelle is if their best friend snitched on them. I know i’d be pissed. Give her a break losers.

    • Jennifer

      Actually, we do have every right to comment on her life. That’s what happens when you “star” in a reality show, every screwed up part of your life becomes tabloid fodder which we then respond to. I agree that calling her a** or wh0re may be a little harsh, but she is a liar. She got called out on a lie. She not only lied, but she stole from the man she called her “baby daddy”. The little girl needs to grow up and realize that to be a Mom takes sacrifice. Coming home by midnight is not that big of a sacrifice, and she can’t even do that? No wonder her mother is always a screaming, nervous wreck. Jenelle is lucky, the first time one of my children EVER threaten me…they will be in jail. I feel sorry for Jace. I pray he finds peace in that messed up and angry house. I also hope that Jenelle straightens her life up, makes the sacrifices to be a mom, and grows the hell up before she becomes another statistic of a troubled teen that died too young or ended up in jail for life.

  • Darvulia

    Really? So because being a mom is hard work, that excuses drug abuse and spreading your legs for anyone who shows interest? Sorry, I don’t even think so.

  • Aria

    Team Jenelle!

  • Martine

    Ok, so I’m catching up on teen mom 2 & I have to say jenelle is THE worst mother on the show, it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth when I call her a mother. All this little girl can think about is her self, she abandoned her kid for a LOSER ! I don’t think she can be a good mom because she’s way to selfish and self absorb the only person that matters to her is her.. When you have a baby it’s not about you any more that baby comes first above all else! All she wanted to do was party all night & sleep all day. She actually was under the impression that giving jace a bath & putting him to bed makes her a good mother! WTF?! Her mother was right for getting custody if it wasn’t for her mother that baby wouldn’t be alive. I don’t have to know her or be in her shoes to know that she’s a f*ck up, She keeps saying she miss her son but her actions speaks volumes. It was really sad when jace started walking & she didn’t know that he’s been walking for a week, a good mother wouldn’t of missed the most important part of her Childs life. Where was she for that? She lost custody of her kid because she wasn’t taking care of her responsibilities, she a horrible horrible mother & I pray she gets her sh!t together, but her mom needs to keep jace.

  • Angel Mariee

    OMG!!!!!!!!fukii*n haters out here huh….you girls seriously need to get a clue..especially for all yu out there who dont even have kidss….its hard…janelle aint perfect, obviously all of you think YOU ARE!!!YU WISH..i’d like yu to name at least 5 guys you know first hand shes been with if not shut the hell up..people go on reality shows and everyone thinks that AUTOMATICLLY makes yu BFF’S….once agian YU WISH….and for the girl who called herself a friend…and ran her mouth!!!thats not a friend and ID BE PISSED TOO….everyone needs to quit hating and worry bout yourselves….

  • Jenni

    I can guarantee that half the people commenting on this are probably like 12 and are gunna end up another statistic just like jenelle… That girl may not be super mom, but at the end of the day she loves her son… Y’all act like Boone is allowed to make mistakes… At the end of the day as other people said, she’s still only a teenager… I’m 23 years old with a 3 year old, and I love my son more than anything in the world. Although I wouldn’t change having him, lord knows now I wish I waited alittle longer… All these girls don’t think about the consequences of partying and sleepin around till it’s too late nd they’re holdin a baby in their arms when they’re still babies them self… Its not only their fault tho, it’s the parents and society as well… Little girls are watching MTV an thinkin oh if I get pregnant I’m might be able to get on tv nd make loads of money, but they don’t think about what happens when it’s time to actually be a mom. I was engaged to be married, owned my own home, and had my shit sorted when I got pregnant, cause if I had gone home to my mama and told her I was pregnant before I had my life in order, you best believe she woulda beat my ass… Maybe what people need to do is encourage this girl to get help instead of Beaton her down an makin her feel worse than she already does…

  • Alex

    lol…..you all are f**king sad.

  • Tracee

    Janelle is THEE WORSE TEEN MOTHER I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! She is selfish, compulsive, addicted, and she needs to get her life together before it’s too late. There is no excuse for this girl’s behavior, none period! I was a teen mom at 15 that was raised in worse conditions than she, but yet I still managed to get a job at McDonald’s at 15, finish school, and take care of my daughter on my own for the most part (except when she was in daycare). NOBODY ever had custody of my daughter and I assumed all responsibility of her because I wasn’t selfish. You see, that’s Janelle’s problem, she isn’t done being selfish yet and until then she won’t see Jace’s needs as something that is her problem. As long as Barb is there to care for him Janelle will continue to act like an irresponsible brat, who wants to smoke dirty weed all day with her dirty boyfriend. I commend the other moms of Teen Mom 2 because even though they’re teen girls they’re showing more responsibility than this chick.

  • Bria

    Please, when I was 16, I was not thinking about what types of bottles were best for my child, or how i could afford diapers that week. BUT I was having sex…which means technically I could have been in ANY of these girls positions. I LOVE HOW SOMEONE ON HERE SAID HE KNEW ANDREW and they have no doubt in their minds that JACE IS ANDREWS. Did anyone for one second stop to think that possible a TABLOID could have lied to you? THATS WHAT THEY DO. I am not “team Jenelle” by any means, she does make a lot of mistakes, but for you guys to come on here, and throw low blows at someone YOU HAVE NEVER MET, and judge upon reality t.v, and inaccurate tabloids, really shows who is small minded.

  • http://noneatthemoment alana

    i think that jenelle is a great mom and all those people who keep talking about he are very rude like are you a teen mom no think about it some people have problems and youre not helping so what if they say that andrew isnt jace father so what have you ever seen the maury show lots of women go on there trying to find who there kids father is so just stop it if you dont want the whole world to say stuff like this to you then dont say it to her she is doing the best she can her mom is a freak, he rex boyfriend whos name is on that babies birth paper or what ever hasnt seen that baby in two years and probly never will do you see him coming to take care if his child no so LEAVE JENELLE ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so ha and so what at least she is there for him other kids dont no who there mom or dad is. so think about that.she is doing some thing with her life and all you people look at is the bad side well lopk at the good side once in a while. she cares about her son she loves him he loves her :)
    oh and if you want to no how old i am im 11