PHOTOS Alexis Bellino’s new fashion line “Alexis Couture”

Real Housewives of Orange County's Alexis Bellino to launch Alexis Couture fashion line

Alexis Bellino is not just the sexy blond star of The Real Housewives of Orange County any longer. The 33-year-old housewife is looking to capitalize on her new-found fame with a brand new fashion line!

The line is called Alexis Couture and should be available in January of 2011, likely coinciding with the airing of season six (Bellino’s second) of the oldest installment of the Bravo Housewives franchise. According to Radar Online there will be an official launch party December 2 in Beverly Hills, which will more than likely be captured by Bravo just before filming of the current season finishes up.

Alexis Bellino of The Real housewives of Orange County

Judging from the photos, Alexis Couture will have a light and airy Southern California feel with an elegant casual/formal duality. She tells Radar Online:

“I am truly inspired by Valentino and Cavalli with Dolce and Gabbana fabrics and fit. I’ve added my own personal twist.”

Here’s how Alexis Bellino summed up the new line in an interview with Cupcake Mag:

My main inspiration in starting Alexis Couture is two-fold: First, I wanted to make fashion EASY for the busy mom (and non-moms!!) who needs to grab ONE item from her closet and go, and two, I want to bring the couture feeling of fashion to women at an expense everyone can afford.

Alexis Bellino's new fashion line Alexis Couture to launch in January 2011

It’s obviously something the 33-year-old stay-at-home mom has put a lot of work into and she shares her excitement on her blog at

I am so excited for my newest venture, the Alexis Couture and Alexis Causual dress lines. The line will be coming out January 2011, and it will be available on the website, so check back early next week for details!! There’s been such a great response to the photos of the dresses that I posted on Facebook, so I am super excited to see what you all have to say when you see them for yourselves in person!!

The dresses will be available to purchase on Bellino’s website as well as “a few stores and boutiques that will soon be announced!” she tells Cupcake Mag.

Here is a thumbnailed gallery of images from the collection featuring a handful of dress designs. As mentioned earlier, the rest of the looks will be viewable in January, 2011! (Click thumbnails for larger images)

To keep up with all things Alexis Bellino, be sure to join her Facebook fan page at:

You can also follow Alexis on Twitter:

I think Alexis Couture should look at creating a costume line too, especially if Alexis is willing to model! Check out Alexis as one of the sexiest Queen of Hearts ever in her 2010 Halloween photo!

Also, you can check for updates on Alexis and her fashion line at:


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  • annak

    Really….. these are dresses designed for women who are “busy mothers”!!!! Is this a joke? Little sl**ty dresses? Maybe to go out at night…. but to actually state that they are for “busy mothers” is ridiculous! When my kids were little there was a lot of bending over to pick them up….. can’t do that in these dresses. I also recall getting dirty a lot while playing with and taking care of the little ones…. can’t do that in these dresses. I can’t imagine the faces of the people at the school if I were to show up in a tiny, flouncy, wh0re dress to pick up my kids… never mind church! Or maybe these are intended for the busy mom who works…. yeah, show up to work in one of these dresses!!! Ha ha… maybe if you are a hostess in a night club! This woman must be completely insane…. or not really a mom. I am insulted that anyone would suggest that a mom should dress like this.

    • droid

      Her “clothing” line is absolute CRAP!! UGLY AS CHIT!

    • MOM

      You say these dresses are affordable for everyone? Why would someone want to pay 2 or 3 hundred dollars for something to “grab and go”. As a mother of 3 boys I would NEVER consider these appropriate or acceptable in todays society. Maybe for the mother who NEVER has to worry about her children because she has a “live in” to help.
      I am sorry but you really do give us mothers a bad name and do not give us any credit in the job we do. You should be ashamed!

  • angelica

    How funny. Check her out in that purple polyester mess with the crooked hem and cheap thread. Reminds me of a home-made top that shrunk. And what’s with that pose and the pose of her in the orange dress? She looks like she’s wiping her ***. But the blue “top thing” does look like she’s “working”. A working-GIRL standing on a corner! LMAO Everything she wears looks the same, like a 70’s polyester scarf she turned into a top. What a mess.

  • Chrissy

    Oh boy I can hardly wait…maybe I could grab one to run my child to her Christian school at 8am and then go grocery shopping. The blue thing looks like a sheet. Not sure which is worse, the clothes or her modeling LMAO

  • 4real

    Who are you Vickie,Peggy, and Tamia (last three comments)? Stop hating on poisitive things people do and look at the good. Comment things woman should encourage one another about moving in positive direction,PLEASE.

    • droid

      SHUT UP ALEXIS…go back to the Midwest where U belong!

      • addy

        this is a fricken joke there all sl**ty looking and who can afford these sl**ty looking dresses but wait we are all going to know her when her line of clothes goes crazy and everybody is buying them.yeah ak alexis your outfits are as trammpy as you are and your ugly perferted husband

  • Maria

    Couture= really rich. Wow, what an idiot. Alexis couture=cheap and tacky.

  • gagirl

    Sorry 4real but no one is hating. Her “designs” are a HOT mess and she really needs to quit. You can tell this chick loooooves her big sleeves! Seriously, everything looks the same. Her facial expression in the baby blue dress is hilarious. She looks like a blow-up doll. I also couldn’t help but to notice that her shoe is hanging off her foot in the first pic. This whole deal is just wrong on so many levels. She’s a kept woman and the one and only reason she is with Jim is because he has money.

  • Cedric

    Her clothing line look so cheap, it looks like it would sell at Forever 21. Mainly polyester sheets with wings. She loves to expose her gigantic, stiff , unnatural boobs, absolutely very s***ty !!!! Alexis claims to be so classy but she is pure white trash who lives beyond her means and won’t own up to her & husband bankruptcy. She has no concept of modeling, her poses look so awkward. She focuses so much on her big boobs/ botox that she overlooks the meaning of dressing “elegant & rich”. She can’t even define the meaning of “couture”. Her clothing line does not even come close to Cavalli, Dolce Gabbana, Blumarine, Etro, Lanvin, Chanel, Prada and Stella McCartney. Hang it up you biotch, you have no talent and no taste. Stop talking like you are so Christian, you are such a hypocrite. You give Christians people a bad name.

    • fabsis

      Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! If you are a truly a Christian person than you wouldn’t be sitting in judgement of another person. Sounds like you are a hypocrite! Read your comment and see if it sounds like something a Christian would say? Maybe spend a little more time worring about yourself and less time watching tv and blogging!!

      • Janet

        I agree with fabsis. It’s not anyones place to judge anyone.
        I give credit to Alexus for trying to make a honey living.
        Who cares if they filed BK this ecomony is so screwed up right now half the world is forced into BK. You have to do what you have to do to survive. I hope Alexus stays strong and her clothing line takes off.

        • Asha07

          It doesn’t seem like she knows anything about the fashion indsutry though, and isn’t bothering to learn it. She’s content thinking that because she wears nice clothes that someone else made that she’s entitled to be a “designer” and have a line. Those dresses were not a collaboration, nor a learning process for her-she just showed up for pictures, the style of which make it clear she doesn’t know what poses, context, etc. are typical for editorial fashion shots. Everyone makes mistakes and learns but it seems like she has no interest in alucnhing anyting properly, just that this was soething that sounded fun and to get her out of the house. That’s not hating on her, that’s realziing she’s treating this as a hobby, not a business and knowing she has so uch to learn and sees like she’s doesn’t care enough to akes e wonder why she’s even bothering. Clothing lines aren’t easy money, so if she doesn’t want to work for it then she’s needs to find another line of business or keep it as a hobby.

          • addy

            go back to being jims little trophy since he needs something to make him look good.these look like something you would find in walmart

  • jojo

    I agree! This line is a joke. Not to mention, not every mom has a fake body.. REAL CURVES, REAL BELLY BULGE-REAL WOMEN….Good Christian my ass

    • Janet

      No not every mom has a thin body to wear the line. Those mothers who cant wear the line need to go on a diet so they can wear nice sexy clothing. Having kids is not an excuse to be FAT!

      I have seven children that I birthed. I have a set of twins in the total. I’m not fat and can wear these sexy little dress’s after seven children.

      So all you moms out there that are fat and need to loose some weight make it a goal so you can wear one of Alexus’s sexy little dress’s. I bet your husbands wont be albe to keep thier hands off of you.

      People that cant wear sexy cloting always seem to talk smack about people who can.

      Stop hating and loose weight! You might see you will be a lot happier in life about the way you feel and look about yourself.

      • Liz

        Sorry i’m 53 with a nice body and i would not wear her dresses. for the price of her dresses they look real cheap, like $10.00 cheap

  • annak

    I LOVE her modeling…. like bad porn. She tries so hard to achieve that brainless, vacuous look, and does a damn good job! Yeah, the dumb blonde look is really great…. very empowering for women!
    If you look at her website she has one dress… available for “pre-order” with or without an autographed picture!!! Nice business plan…. launch a dress company without any actual dresses!! Get a ton of exposure for a business which doesn’t really exist! I have a feeling that the whole dress “designing” stunt was just so she could get some pictures taken of herself and play model for a day. I would be wary of sending her any money or credit card number….. rumor has it that her hubby is less than honest when it comes to business matters! And wasn’t he indicted for fraud? Be careful.
    And no, I don’t feel like I have to support and encourage ALL women! Especially these women, who willingly go on Real Housewives and flaunt how ridiculous they are.

    • addy

      shes so phoney i cant stand watching her on tv all she does is lie and shes such a christian ,whatever you phoney blonde bimbo,you and vicki should make clothes together and name it whoo so tired of her back stabbing and crying

  • cricket

    What a hot mess, I totally agree. The episode with her modeling is on right now..she and her husband are a joke. What..this was early last fall, late summer? Where’s her line, not even out yet. Doubt it will ever really be out. Her only dress for sale is a copy of another dress she wore on the show..and it wasn’t her design. I don’t think her dresses are flattering on her, and she’s in fantastic shape.

    I agree with many of the posts that she is NOT a role model for a Christian, she’s quite catty and hateful to people. I don’t see her as a charitable person at all. You can talk it up all you want, but the perception she shows to the public is not what she talks.

  • CRock

    This chick is a joke. Her husband is a pig. She has no talent and as for Christian….we all saw the eposide where she totally disrespected the only one with talent and hacked her sleeves off the dress. She’s awful in every way!

  • Phyllis trolinger

    I think your disgusting some Christian!your husband should get a job!he treats you like a prostitute by slapping your butt. I’m so embarrassed for you and that party scene they were not talking about you!they were talking about gretchen she’s a porn star and trash I feel so sorry that you both are such trash!I thought Gretchen was out of line when she said tamras tyboyfriend was an escort you could tell she is so jealous and so are you ,pathetic! married to losers well at least you are ,slade won’t marry Gretchen because that would be like marrying a whore.get over it your not a designer you actually have to draw a design then make it from scratch not have someone else do it for you and take credit for it give the world a break. You would make a good call girl seeing that your husband already looks like a pimp.

  • jason

    Im watching the you model right now, very nice if i was looking for a new and improved blow up doll. Ill make ya famous, As for the dress line, if i saw a mom galavanting around town in a hot little number like your dresses, id make them famous too.

    Keep up the hot, trashy work.

    • Asha07

      She’s trying to look, cute, flirty and coy but it doesn’t come off well with those injections and botox as they really limit her facial expressions. It’s not just he faces but the poses-these are not fashion poses and don’t show the clothin gi the best light. It was like they were ore worried about her looking “cute” instead of really showing off the clothes. That she or Tal (sp.?) or the photographer didn’t bring this up at all is just puzzling.

  • Elena

    So many jealous comments, Ha Ha! I am not a mom yet, but that’s how I would like to look if I would have 3 kids. It does take a lot of work and will power to look like it.

    • Janet

      Elena with your positive comment you will never be fat after having children. You have a very positive out look in life. I take my hat off to you. It’s all about what you want in life. If you want to be thin and sexy after having children then that is how you will be if you want to use the excuse of having children is why you are fat then you will be fat like all the mothers making comments about the sexy clothing line.
      They aren’t happy with them selves so they have to knock Alexus’s clothing line. Shame on them.
      It is a lot of work to stay in shape and these mothers out there are just to lazy to loose the fat they put on after bearing chilfren. They have no will power.

  • Couture,first she was unable to explain what couture was,second she is NOT a designer anybody can take a tag and scribble they’re name on it .ALEXIS YOU ARE A JOKE!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    Wow! Sounds like a whole lot of jealous haters on here! I guess for some seeing a beautiful woman with motivation is intimidating. If you don’t like Alexis or the other OC women then don’t watch the show! If you don’t have anything nice to say then shut your mouths!! For the rest of us that are confident and beautiful inside and out, we will be supportive of other strong, intelligent women. Maybe you should spend more time working on yourselves and less time criticizing others!

    • Janet

      This is so true. They are haters and need to keep thier mouths shut or maybe loose some weight so they can wear the line.

      • Liz

        Sorry no haters the truth is the truth for $200 the dresses look cheap. I’m a dress maker and my hat goes off to her because it is not easy in the fashion world but cheap is cheap and they look cheap the black and white dress looks the best.

      • addy

        haters why would we hate shes not hating im just tired of phoney sht she does dress designer,tv broadcaster,actress.slave to jim ,mommy that all she does is complain about what next president

  • Eleni

    I actually really like her dresses. And she looks damn good! If I had the body she has I would flaunt it too. I think you are all just jealous of a beautiful and confident woman. Good for her! And for all you Jim haters, give me a break. Obviously their relationship works for them and they are happy. You can tell she really loves him anyways.

  • Lauren

    I agree with Katie and Eleni. She looks fantastic. Having curves and a belly bulge (as someone mentioned) doesn’t make you a real woman or mother. It means that you lost all hope for getting back in shape and you’d rather not make the time to be healthy.

    Two cheers for Alexis and her family. I can’t wait to get some of these dresses.

    All of the people on here that are posting negative comments need to get a life. Most of you mentioned that you’re mothers, but you’re sitting in front of a computer posting ridiculous comments about a clothing line.

  • Vicki

    I was shocked to find out she was only 33, she looks a lot older than that. And sorry, her dresses look cheap and tacky…hardly “haute couture’ but honestly, more “hooker” type.

  • Mary

    Phyllis trolinger
    You are sick.. F… Your..s

  • elizabeth

    seriously these women have NO clue…..what mom would dress like this on a daily basis….? for a special occasion um ok but really……and I am the same age as her and hate to say it but with all the palstic surgery, botox and makeup…..she looks way older than she is…..ive never had plastic surgery and dont have a line on my face and Im almost 34 and people still think Im in my 20’s and I love it!!….just proves a point that I dont need all that shit to look good….and if I had all that shit I would look rediculous…anywho…..all the best on this dress line, but they are hardly couture or high fashion….sorry but I would buy dior or chanel over this anyday….these designs look like cheap knock offs from alot of shops you see in any mall here in southern california…..just saying,,,they dont look like anything special to me…..I have an almost identical dress like the teal one that I got from H&M for 40 bucks…..go figure…..

  • Rainy

    Dress look very cheap!

  • susan

    I am writing this a few days after everyone else but I felt the need to write to stand up for a creative person. I don’t know Alexis. I live on Long Island, NY. I am a creative director at a large store and sewing is my passion that I do at home. If I had the extra money, my dream would be to do exactly what Alexis did, but with a little extra research. The dresses are pretty but are not for everyone. The dress she cut the sleeves off should be offered both ways. I preferred the long sleeves (maybe a tad shorter in the sleeves so you could pick up a fork). The ‘walk in the park’ dress was pretty. The bikini was way too small for even a teenager and should not even have been included. This was a DRESS line. She should stay first at the beginning with just one thing in apparel like dresses — perfect it then add other categories. The other items were pretty but way too short. If they looked great on Alexis, maybe she should have been the model or had models with her EXACT measurements. It was obvious that she did not do a dress rehersal which was one of the reasons her show flopped. Also, when telling someone what a dress or anything is made of ‘knit fabric’ is way too broad and sounds cheap. If you want it to be so ‘couture’ have better fabrics and know what they are. Her MC/Assistant/Make-up Artist/GoFor was a joke. There was not enough information. The names of the pieces were really stupid — ‘a walk in the park’. Really? Alexis needs to either go to a few fashion shows and see how it is done or if she does not have the time, I am sure you can find downloads on line of even the best ones in the NY tents or in Paris. Watch and you will learn before you burn through your backer’s money. I hope some of my suggestions help and that she does not give up. I think she just went BIG way before she was ready. Oh, one more thing…stick with your instincts with the photos. The ones you had taken before Jim got there are the best. The others are trashy and look akward.

  • Pj

    It never fails to amaze me how people can be so jealous of others who seem to have it all. We’re all God’s children and we should be happy for someone who works hard enough to realize their own dreams. I don’t know Alexis’ total situation, none of us do, however she knows her life and that’s all that matters. If you’re watching the show just so you can put others down, I suggest you do something productive so you can be proud of yourself. You’ll be surprized at how you’ll no longer have the time to focus negative engergy on others. God Bless you!

  • don

    Really cheap material. And something only a hooker would wear. I have a great body and I will stick with Real clothing like Rachel Pally. Putting this nonsense on me would be an embarassment.