VIDEOS Tila Tequila’s Gathering of the Juggalos attack

Tila Tequila attacked at the Gathering of the Juggalos

The first video of Tila Tequila’s performance at the Gathering of the Juggalos has surfaced. It’s a short clip taken from backstage showing Tila attempting to perform as a man charges the stage and has to be subdued as other crowd members hurl objects at her. She has security with her on stage, but it’s obvious even in this short clip that they were not going to be enough to protect her.

As we posted yesterday, Tila was attacked with bottles, stones and firecrackers while on stage and was chased to a trailer by an angry mob. She sustained multiple lacerations to her face and numerous other injuries in the attack and has announced plans to take legal action against the organizers of the event.

CLICK HERE to see the graphic photos of Tila’s injuries and read some of the threatening comments made by Juggalos prior to the concert.

Police are hoping more videos will surface so they will be able to identify and persecute individuals involved in the incident.

Topless Tila Tequila gets owned by Juggalos at Gathering on

**** UPDATE **** Here’s another video shot from the audience that shows Tila’s introduction and stuff being thrown at her immediately after she took the stage. She looks to be spraying silly string at the audience but it didn’t seem to win them over…

**** UPDATE **** Another, longer version of the video:

And another short audience clip (great quality!):

Here’s a video of Tila arriving back in Los Angeles at LAX. She appears to be quite shaken and tries to hide her face as the camera man asks her questions about the attack. Tila isn’t very responsive, but her bodyguard talks a little bit about the Juggalos, who he says were “hostile” from the beginning:

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  • Knightshade

    In summary, this whole thing was completely avoidable by Tila Tequila at every moment from their request for her to perform to the climax of the assault and proceeding chase.

    In detail, let’s get real. ICP’s fans are NOTORIOUS for being the craziest, rowdiest, most violent crowd EVER (I don’t think even Sepultera fans surpass Juggalos). They’re also known for not accepting anything that isn’t deemed “underground” and usually also mutually accepted among the whole juggalo community. She had to be OUT OF HER MIND (or on a slew of prescription drugs) to agree to perform there. She knows who Juggalos are, she knows even better who she is, her management had to be familiar with past sour events at ICP shows, and the whole internet was telling/asking/even threatening her not to perform for WEEKS leading up to the event.

    Even if she and her staff HOPED she would be an exception, it had to be immediately evident upon her arrival that she was NOT welcome. When she took the stage, it was even more clear. It takes a clinical lunatic with a superman complex to see feces, dildos, and rocks flying past your head being hurled by scores of angry, intoxicated 18-25 year olds and not get your 100lb ass off the stage.

    Then she swore back at them antagonizing them further, had her security try to protect her which fueled their fire hotter and endangered her security’s safety, and even TOOK HER TOP OFF, symbolizing EVERYTHING juggalos don’t like about her.

    I will say that chasing her to her trailer and rocking it and busting the windows of her truck was a little excessive. But by that point, she had them so riled up that she’s lucky to have gotten out alive. I’ve been to ~20 Psychopathic Records concerts, and on 2 occasions I almost broke my neck and nose by simply standing in the crowd, not even moshing or anything. I was even puked on once.

    Again, this was completely avoidable on her part from the beginning through every stage of the escalation of the conflict (initiated by HER). As far as bankrupting ICP, get real. Who has EVER sued Psychopathic and won?

    In conclusion, if you can’t take the heat, don’t f*ck with juggalos.

    Oh, and to check out some really awesome stoner rap music, check out


    • josh

      OH MY GOD how ignorant are the people these concerts what happened to mosh manners when someones hurt help them and go back to moshing second dont f**k with normal people because we Will throw your ass in jail or discriminate which is way worse

  • Laureena

    Poor Tila :( I dont really like her but that’s f*cked up…

  • Fuzzman

    She is a total idiot. Did she honestly believe anybody at an ICP gig would find her entertaining? Get a clue, you dumb singer/actress/model!

  • Kimmie

    Its still f*cked up…and Im tired of the whole thing. My fam really let me down. Of course stuff gets thrown at the gathering and people get booed alot, but those los and lettes involved went out of their way to torment her. Its one thing to tell someone to f*ck off and boo them, but they were basically bullying some little female..oh yea, so big bad and cool. I know she didnt really belong there, but they could have tolerated her long enough until she was gone. Now we have no right really to complain about our image now…we should be people to look up to, not dispised.

  • oneofone

    This shows You the mentality of the people that go to see ICP,
    They suck I can not believe they had 2,000 people there I did not think ICP could get 200 people to pay to see there Sh!t.

    • Sin

      Hahahahahahaahaha great videos. And there were more than 2000 people

  • down since 93

    icp makes 100 million a year.. not bad for not using mtv or radio. these guys are smarter then most of these stupid posts.. you laugh at icp and they laugh there way the bank.
    plus they care about the fam ”juggalos and juggalettes”

    you laugh at juggalos and we laugh at you with a knife in your back

    • josh

      no one hates icp they just hate the fans we could give a shit about them and ive seen them on MTV when MTV played music also ,they get publicity by being infamous you catch more flies with honey than vinegar also that little knife in the back joke is why Utah offically recogize your “posse” a a street gang sorry if people dont like gangs

  • Maygen

    I understand she may have been out of her element however there is no excuse for treating for the way she was treated. I would never wish that on anyone. To be applauded for hurting someone and making them feel like ****, grow up. I guess if this is lesson to teach our children I’m thinking teaching them to show disrespect to other…..we must be on track.

    Tila my thoughts are with you. Hold your head high and continue to be who you are.

  • jay

    The reality is the fans are as ridiculous as the music. They are made for each other.