Bethenny Frankel’s mom claims Bethenny’s lying about toxic childhood

Old photo of Bethenny Frankel with her mother Bernadette Parisella and stepfather John Parisella

Reality star Bethenny Frankel has been very outspoken about her “toxic” childhood growing up with her estranged mother Bonnie (Bernadette Frankel Birk), who hasn’t even met Bethenny’s baby daughter Brynn Hoppy. She’s described a childhood torn apart by fear, violence, eating disorders, guilt, alcoholism, and mental illness.

Now her mother, who has been amazingly silent since her daughter found fame several years ago, is speaking out. Briefly. In a short piece published in this week’s Star Magazine Bernadette claims she is shocked by her daughter’s representation of her childhood, though she does admit that Bethenny witness “fights” between herself and Bethenny’s step-father John Parisella. She does admit being physically abused by Bethenny’s father Bobby Frankel, but says she took Bethenny away from that situation at age two.

“I’m not going to say that Bethenny had the perfect childhood. I had loved Bobby but he hit me, so I left him and took Bethenny back to New York when she was almost 2 years old.”

Bethenny has described destructive fights between Bernadette and second husband John Parisella, saying her mother would destroy furniture and vases to get his attention.

Bernadette’s side: “We would have screaming matches . . . Bethenny did witness. The police did come around a few times, but they always left without incident.”

She also refutes Bethenny’s insinuation that she was a bulimic alcoholic by claiming that she could not have held down a career as an interior design professor if this were the case.

Bernadette also trashed her daughter during her run on Dancing With the Stars this winter, claiming that Bethenny knew how to skate because of extensive training as a child, and was probably throwing her performance.

This interview still doesn’t do much to bring the public over to Bethenny’s mom’s side. She admits being in an abusive relationship with Bethenny’s step-dad. Her denials of eating disorders and alcoholism, just like Bethenny’s claims, can’t be proven, but it’s hard to imagine that Bethenny Frankel is malicious enough to make up this whole sad back-story and keep repeating it again and again on television and the press.

UPDATE: If you doubt Bethenny’s side of things, I recommend you read her auto-biography/self-help book A Place of Yes, where she honestly and eloquent explains her perception of her childhood experience with her mother, her father, and her step-father. Click here to order from Amazon.

Bernadette has responded to Bethenny’s book with this statement: “My comment is the same as it was — I consider her to be demented and beyond help. Reconciliation is not up to her at all. She would never want to repair anything because then all of her lies would come out.”

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  • TVannie

    B’s Mom says “the police did come around a few times, but left without incident”.

    That is an incident. Witnessing verbal abuse, broken furniture, etc is horrific for a toddler. B’s Mom basically confirmed b’s recollection of her childhood. Baby Bdoesn’t need crazy Gramma.

  • Nina

    I was a roommate with Bonnie and Bethenny when she was 3 and 4 years old in Manhattan on 52nd Street. Bonnie use to leave Bethenny for days on end with a Jamaican nanny. Bethanny was a sweet child and she longed for attention and cried a lot. Bonnie was in Interior Design school at the time at F.I.T. She had left John for a while and was involved with someone else and spent most of her time at his place. I don’t know about the violence but I do know that Bethenny was not given the love and attention she needed. The Jamaican nanny barely spoke English and Bethenny cried for her mommy all the time.

    • Kay

      Jamaica is an english speaking Island. Like other cultures they also speak broken english (patois) which can be found in any language. So if one is from a english only speaking country, because they have a heavy/different accent does not mean non english speaking. It means you are narrow minded.

      • Lori

        You are so stupid! Your comment doesn’t have anything to do with the subject.

        • Teoti

          Are you mentally challenged or something?

          • Mother First

            I can’t understand how a mother could speak so horribly about her child unless she has something to feel defensive about. Maybe she feels guilty about something.

  • terry

    I cant imagine why a person would talk about their family in such a way publicly. Bethenny has her own issues. Shame on her for speaking about her family to the nation in such a way. Every family has problems. Can you imagine if we all went to the airways and aired our dirty laundry? I think she just did it to get the attention off herself for acting crazy.

    • Lori

      Your just as stupid as Kay. Are you nuts? Talking about abuse is the first step to healing! I know I’ve an abusive childhood too. I’m 49 and it still effects me now. It’s killed my sself asteem.

      • Lillian2

        Bethenny is a 40 year old woman who is CLEARLY emotionally unstable. She cries at least once on every show and I truly fear for her husband and child.. Emotionally, she is a 10 year old who will blame her parents until the cows come home.. Who needs st watch this train wreck? and her shrink sessions to boot? It has to be the freak watchers who enjoy this mess.. Is Bravo crazy to keep exploiting these sick people such as the ex-con from NJ and now Bethenny?

        • maggie

          You are so right! I’m afraid for that poor baby. I don’t know what Jason sees in her. She’s an attentions seeking freak. I can’t believe 1/2 of the things she says to Jason’s parents and even worse, what she says behind their backs. She’s crazy! She’s playing the victim and will take it all the way to the bank. Jill Zarin did said that all she’s always wanted was her own show. She’s got it on her mom’s back!

          • Maruschka

            What a pathetic, mean post. I just watched the episode where they went shopping for jeans, bathed the baby together in the tub, had their first trip away from the baby, etc. That child is loved, cared for and Bethenny is a doting mother. I think it takes guts, honesty and integrity to face your broken childhood head on like she is doing. Including her therapy sessions is brave and honest. If her mother wasn’t such a selfish, unloving mess, Ms. Birk wouldn’t be calling her daughter nasty names.

            Bethenny has repeatedly admitted to her neuroses, her shortcomings, but has shown her willingness to be open and to avoid perpetuating the abuse with her own daughter. How cruel to put her down for that. You are wrong, and I suspect that like Jill Zaren, these nasty posts are envy-driven.

            • Kathy

              I admire and respect Bethenny. It is seeing her honesty, tanacity, her willingness to open up to the world about her abuse, that give me encouragement to keep going. I, too, have been the victim of childhood abuse and concur that it does job on your self esteem and psyche. So for those of you whom have the negative and insensitive comments- I say kick rocks!!

              • Shannon

                I find it ridiculous how people can sit on their high horses and judge people for their shortcomings! We ALL have issues. We ALL need JESUS! To speak so ill of someone you watch on TV but don’t personally know outside of “Reality” TV is immature, wicked & envious! It may be easy to type mean-spirited comments, but it is just as easy to speak positive. Uplift, don’t tear people down! And to the people who called the people on here who spoke negatively about Bethenny mean names (i.e., are you a retard, you’re crazy. etc.) you are no better than the people speaking ill about Bethenny. Always remember THIS, just because people can’t see YOUR dirty laundry don’t mean it isn’t stinking up a corner in YOUR house. Clean your house before you attempt to judge someone on their mess. Be blessed!

                • I agree with Samira!!!

        • Angela L

          I agree with Lillian and some of the others who believe Bethanny is crazy. I feel that she has some very deep and emotional issues to be worked out. I don’t think that talking to a shrink on television is the way to go about it. Part of Bethanny’s problem…she needs to grow up! She has been on her own for a number of years , didn’t have to answer to anyone or take responsibility for anything. She is lucky to be in a marriage with such a stable and grounded man. It is time for her to be a women. I certainly would hate to see her screw up her daughters life with her outrageous behavior. I can’t stand to see the way she talks to Jason, and others for that matter. She may just need a good kick in the ass to wake her up. It would be sad for her to look around one day and find herself alone. Even a good, strong,loving man can only take so much!

          • monique

            In what way does an independent, capable, self sufficient woman – granted an emotionally aware one (is that an issue? If so, I’m in a sh!tload of trouble!) – need to grow up? I’m honestly confused??? She’s sociable, she’s responsible, she’s functioning? Who is she dependent upon so as to be “not grown up”?

      • Debra

        All you morans that talk crap on Bethany for crying or talking crap about her loser mother, you are stupid, she is in the public eye, so she can talk about her horrible childhood, as do many other celebs, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Team Bethany!!! She is a great person, and has made her self an amazing life, after such a horrible childhood, Love her.

        • sofija

          ya luv her to she rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Pamela

        Amen Lori…I am 55 have had 3 children and I still have issues …doesn’t everyone? Until you’ve has parents that were selfish and into themselves you will NEVER understand..judge lest ye be judged! This is a reality show and there is a lot of editing. I applaude Bethenny for her candid emotions. It sure helps me to deal with my past and through tears I’ve loved and cared for 3 children and now my 3 grandbabies like no other. I am determined to get it I am sure Bethenny is just as determined. I dare say she is probably the BEST mom around! I have to say that I wasn’t sure I wanted more children after the first because I did not know if I could love another as much, but I DID and Bethenny will too! She is a beautiful loving mother and wife!…loved the bath time! 🙂

      • Homer

        You sure like calling people stupid, stupid. Get help for your impotent rage.

    • sharon

      Finally someone is talking about a problem that used to be tabu to talk about in public. Everyone sweeps it under the carpet. Betany Im sorry about your mom/ Byut she is a sick women. She needs to be evaluated by professionals. I have the sane relationship you do. My mom was the same way and it really hurts when she ignores you and you are in the same house. I was physically, mentally, and sexually abused from the age of five until I was 13 or 14. But I survived and It working it out in counsiling/ But you seemed to be strong. So Im gonna tell you to hang on everything you will be just fine.

  • NJ sucks

    Yeah, way to go bashing your Mom in public. People are human and make mistakes raising their kids. Wow so banish the woman who gave birth to you, from your life forever because she wasn’t a great Mom? I hate all these bravo bimbos who are famous for nothing other than being trashy and attention seeking twits. Get a real job.

    • Mel

      Whoa there, NJ Sucks. Unless you have grown up with a neglectful and/or abusive parent, you cannot judge her actions. I did grow up with a neglectful father. I am 40 years old and still seek therapy to help deal with my issues brought on by the neglect and hurt. I feel for Bethanny and can understand how she feels and why she feels it neccessary to be honest with the world about her childhood. I do the same thing. I may not be on tv to be able to tell millions of people each week. But I do answer honestly when people ask me about my father or my childhood.

      • Lillian2

        You, and the seriously neurotic Bethenny should get over it.. don’t you have a life to live? Who cares about your bad parents?.. mine were terrible too but I have my own kids and grandkids to think about.. I will not blame the parents for my current life choices.

        • Malva Danger

          Hello, Lillian Although, it would be nice to forgive and forget and move on and raise our children and enjoy our grandchildren. The fact is, that there are a lot of people coming from broken homes and we can’t ignore the social issues that many are facing because whether we like it or not they affect us as a whole in society. I personally feel, that what Bethany is expressing is real, natural and a reality for those who have encountered such neglect as a child. Perhaps you choose to avoid, ignore, or put it in the back burner but for me, I always prefer to be upfront, real, and in a place of yes….(Like Bethany says)….. to myself rather than to do,say, or act like others want me to act. So Bethany ….. I Thank you for your honesty because through that many others will be able to know that they are not alone and if you made it than anyone can…..your past was bad, your present is now in your hands……great mom….and Jason all you have to do is understand that you are married to a women who has been hurt and with patience you can conquer anything that you wish for your realtionship because i Bethany needs is to be introduced to your views as you should enter her too so that you can better understand why is so hard for her to either trust, want to change and (or) etc…..

      • maggie

        It’s ok to be honest about your past and what bruised you emotionally but doing so to take it all the way to the bank (while hurting others who don’t have the same channel to defend themselves) is beyond calculated. Bethenny is a very calculated maniac. That’s how I see her.

  • NJ sucks

    Oh and I grew up around a lot of fighting and cops being called, but i respect my mother more than anyone for what she went through to raise us. Maybe she should be more thankful her mother didnt abuse and beat her like some parents do their kids, unfortunately.

  • kimberly

    What happens in ones personal life should stay personal. Is it necessary to hang your laundry out? I don’t think so! What purpose is it to reveal the past to the outside world? None! Will it change the past? Certainly not!
    I was a past student of Bernadette’s at the Fashion Institute of Technology for four years. Bernadette is an amazing interior designer and devoted to her career. As a professor, she was punctunal, never absent, motivated and encouraging! I know for a fact that Bernadette was working evenings catering events to maintain her family and home.
    It’s unfortunate that a child has to be so disrespectful of a parent. No family is perfect and I am sure her intentions were never to hurt her daughter…
    Bernadette, I hope for the best for you and thank you for making my learning experience at FIT wonderful. 😉 Hugs

    • Tiffany

      Your attitude is EXACTLY why so many children suffer child abuse every day.
      Silence protects abusers, not victims.
      People speak out to break the cycles.
      If people are not stable enough to have kids, they should not.
      I grew up in an abusive home and resent to the ends the further abuse of people like you who want not only for children to suffer abuse, but to shut up about it too. We will NEVER stop child abuse as long as the abuse is justified and victims speaking out is shut up.
      Protecting Child Abuse is so backwards and sick on so many levels.
      Children deserve: LOVE, SAFETY, PROTECTION
      When they do not get these things and get abuse instead, they have the RIGHT to speak out.
      Shame on you for telling a victim to shut up.
      Shame on you.

      • TS

        YOU GO TIFFANY!!

        • whocares

          the woman never said to shut up she said she knew this mother personally and she a great teacher and worked nights to feed her kid.

          Betheny has never said she was abused nor did she ever accuse her mother of that. She claimed she was nuts. Sounds like she was a young mother who was overworked and may not have given her daughter the attention she clearly lives for.

          Its not uncommon for two kids to have completely different views of there childhood. My husband who loved his childhood says his sister must of had a different mother. her claims were of abuse and drinking and this and that. Out of 10 kids she the only one who saw it that way and she is 65 and still goes on about her mother.

          Thats mental illness and narcissus. which is what Bethany clearly suffers from.. Watch the show it documented pretty clearly.

          • Rae

            It is all too easy to blame the victim that speaks out. It is not normal to have police come to your house or be in two consecutively abusive relationships. These events have lasting affects on the children involved, hence why Bethenny is in therapy. There is no threat to her child or husband, she is determined to not repeat those mistakes and that is the best outcome that can ever happen. I think talking about it gives children going through this empowerment to speak out. Please be aware of the ramifications of blaming the victim, furthering the abuse from an external source. None of us were there to witness this and the Mom collaborated the situations. I think this was a perfect little window into a small piece of what happened.

            • I don’t understand why all of you are just bashing Bethenny! She is clearly a wonderful mother and shes not just one of those housewvies that sit around and go shopping and have botox parties while their husbands work. She was not supported by a man! She went out and made a life for herself! So I wouldn’t exactly compare her to the other “Bravo Bimbos” Now I agree that having cops show up to your house and parents fighting IS NOT NORMAL!!!! My mother gave birth to me when she was 18 years old and took care of me on her own, my father passed away when I was 3! I still clearly remember times when i was even 4 years old! She worked and made sure we had a nice apartment together but still made sure she picked me up from school and spent the rest of the day with me! She never dated loser men and argued or put me in a shitty situation! She never left me with some stranger or nanny to take care of me! My childhood was amazing and NORMAL and she made sure of that! She would have never let me walk around NYC at the age of 5 to go the food store alone as Bethennys mother had done! No matter how young you are when you have a child you have to be seriously STUPID to not know whats right and whats wrong! My mother NEVER put a man before me and she was smart enough to know that fighting with a man and having cops to your house and being in a toxic enviornment is obviously not right! You shouldnt put yourself through it and you should not put your kids through it either! So I guess if you grew up in a toxic enviornment you wouldnt know any better anyway from the people writing these comments on how bethenny is being dramatic and oh I had cops at my house too and my parents faught all the time blah blah blah bottom line ITS NOT NORMAL!I feel scared for you people if you have kids! At least Bethennys smart enough to know it is not normal and wants more for her baby! She is obviously successful and has made a great life for herself for a reason! Not because shes a bimbo! She has accomplished more than many people and women all over the world look up to her! SHE MADE HER OWN SUCCESS! Do you see anyone else looking for advice from any of the other housewvies? LIke hmm tell me how did u find a rich man to take care of you? I mean really! I am on Bethennys side all the way! She was on her way to her own career that she made for herself before she even met a man! Thats something to be proud of!

      • Tabitha

        You tell them Tiffany. I am 43 and had thought I had gotten over it and moved on. Until I got severly injured at work right @ the time my grown children were leaving home. All of this opened the flood gates and now I am seeing a psychiatrist and a psycho-therapist. You don’t know how someone deals with their past and have no business judging them.

        • Maruschka

          Tabitha, Tiffany and Lynn ~ Right on. Bethenny is not coming from a mean place. These negative posters are jealous and crude. The program is honest and uplifting. It’s not negative and doesn’t make me feel like I need to shower like some of the Housewives shows. These people don’t understand and nothing we say will enlighten them. But for the people who watch and are touched by this new family, we’re also coming from a place of YES. I was physically and emotionally abused by my father but was able to reconcile and help him before he died last May at age 83. I feel bad that Bethenny was even denied that closure. Looking at the big picture, if her Mom didn’t do these things she could sue for libel, but she can’t because she knows it’s true and there were witnesses, including the police… hello? By her own admission the police were called more than once. Ms. Birk was a warped Mom, and blames the victim for revealing it.

      • lana

        If bethenny is realy good, shy is she mean to Jason parent in front of Bryn? She has money, so she is not allowed to be critisied. Money buys respect…right? wrong!.
        She throws tantrams just like her mother was doing it. SO, Bryn should grow up and through Bethenny under the bus? Bethenny want to mobe Bryn far away from Jason parent. How is that not negleting Bryn interest? It is in Bryn interest to be surounded by family. And family must include grandparents. Ability to relate is priceless.
        Bethenny makes herself priority and Bryn is a toy to play with.
        If Bethenny would be in tuch with reality and complete, she would
        never move her child away from loved ones. Jason is a great son and Bethenny just playing on his ‘niceness’ to push her priority
        as the only priority. Jason should learn to byte. Bethenny can teach him how it is done. She is mirrow of her paretns. Bethenny, Bethenny, grow up, become vectorious, not pittiful, allow some
        respect for the goodness that your parent did provide you with.
        Stop belitering and concentrating on negative thins only.
        You just do not knwo how to be happy. You like being unhappy. SO, you mother and father are perfect targets for ‘blaming’ game to excuse your unexities. Pick your buttles. Find something good to hold on to.

        • TEss

          lana, I think Jason is a big boy and certainly able to take care of himself with Bethenny. He knew what he was getting into when he married her and had a baby. Family IS important but she did not move yet, not even sure if she’s going to. She has admitted on her show that she did act like her mother ( thanksgiving) but she’s working on it. No one is perfect, no one is just born knowing how to care for a child. Bryn seems happy and always smiling. We don’t see or hear ALL that goes on in that family.

        • Brenna

          WHAT THE HELL language is this in? Are u drunk?
          Bethenny ought to appreciate a hella handsome, family fan like Jason. She is going to chase him far away fast with her psycho outbursts and neurosis. SkinnyGirl margaritas suuuuuck. Ick!

  • ItHappens

    Her mother sounds like a typical abusive/neglectful mother. My mother too would say she was a great mother. Women who have children learn early on that they’d better tout their own role as mother. My mother would never admit to the average person she left her first child at age 8 to run off with my father whom she left 8 years later. She allowed me to make the decision at age 8 to live with him alone. I didn’t know he was an alcoholic. She certainly did. But it’s good she let me because I probably would have wound up killing her and myself.

    Neglecting your child emotionally is not a small thing. Just because you work at a job and provide a roof over your child’s head that doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job!! I think Bethanny’s wise to cut her mother out. I’ve done the same-it was sort of mutual. One can only pretend so much that they weren’t scarred by their childhoods. My father tried to burn the house down, my mother left……then moved in with a man she didn’t know. He talked her into marrying him….he was abusive, chased her out of the house at the end of a gun—need I mention she ran off and left me alone with him in the house…I had a step brother who jumped out of his bedroom window at age 16 to run away and never come back. Continue the little episodes with loading a gun and chasing at the end of a gun. I should write a book…..add in there a stent in the mental ward somewhere in there. No wonder I can’t decide what to do when I grow up my life’s half over. It’s never really begun. I’m just thankful I’m not more crazy than I already am. Add in adoption, racism and favoritism that’s my story.

    • lana

      Bethenny never used word ‘abused’. And nobody put a gun to her head. No matter what happened, she herself is just like her mother.
      What is wrong with speaking to your close friends and srink about
      unhappy moments in your life?. Why creaming to the world that her parent are full of you-know-what? Is 2 wrongs make it right? will her bad memories fell better knowing that she destryoing her month and the name of her father? her father is famous, her mother is a profesor. SO, she attacks their reputation as if it will make her feel beter. What sh does is even more abusive then vitnessing fightes between her stepfather and mother. Her mother was 19, abanded by husband with a small child. How many perfect parent do you know at age of 19?

      • Brenna

        PLEASE PLEASE invest in spellcheck or stop drinking and typing.

  • Hannah

    It is tragic that a small child should be in a position that is so unstable. I am inspired by her ability to overcome and make something of her life. I’m also very happy that she made peace with her father before he died from cancer. However, I would be more supportive of her if I saw her putting herself out there as an advocate for children of abuse or doing something substantive to bring attention to this serious subject. It appears more like she is talking about it as a way of portraying herself as an underdog (true enough) and building her career as a celebrity when she could be doing so much more.

    • lana

      What is trag is that Bethenny does not overcome her insecurities.
      She still playing vitim and trying to overcome it by shaming her living mother for the world to listen. Jusus was great because he understood forgivness and ability to understand and embrace. Bethenny has no clue of it

      • Brenna

        Jusus wants you to use spellcheck. This is impossible to read or decipher.

  • Cristallie

    I’m a U.K. national and have watched Bethenny in the Real Housewives of NY and in her spin-off, Bethenny Getting Married. I really like her and I felt she came across as genuine. I don’t really agree with her talking about her mother but I do accept that we all deal with issues differently. Her talking about it did not only help her but most likely helped others with similar experiences.

    Nina, I don’t know how you can say the Jamaican nanny barely spoke English when English is the national language in Jamaica. Accent may have been a problem but definitely not language.

  • Anti-Bethenny

    “it’s hard to imagine that Bethenny Frankel is malicious enough to make up this whole sad back-story and keep repeating it again and again on television and the press.”

    It’s not hard to believe. Bethenny is malicious. She’s been that way to each and every castmate of RHONY. She’s just vile and obnoxious. I don’t feel a bit sorry for her. How dare she keep repeating this about her childhood. Does she realize that other people may have had it MUCH worse? Of course not, she bitches and moans about EVERYTHING.

  • Bethenny should get over her childhood and move on. Most people have some negative memory of their childhoods. If her mom is truly interested in having a consistent, healthy relationship with Bethenny and her baby, than Bethenny should agree to see her.

    • manny69

      Who judges the way others deal with their childhood? How lame and uneducated and uncompassionate can you be? Everyone is different…you know how you like blue and I like purple? And some are allergic and some aren’t? Some bipolar and some schizo? Well…some childhood experiences kill a person’s self worth and some people aren’t bothered by a similar experience. We are all different. How dumb to think someone “should” do this or that. Wow…what a messed up society…still.
      Oh and btw ppl who say “just get over it” usually have sh*% to get over themselves, but are so afraid to face it.

      • rosebud885

        I completely agree. The individuals who acknowledge what has happened to them and who ridicule others who do the opposite are more likely to engage in the same type of behavior towards their own children. So many in our society believe that a child should consider themselves lucky to be provided for in the most basic sense like having a roof over their heads. To think this way is simply foolish and increases the likelihood of future antisocial behavior as well as an array of other problems. True, some adjust better than others, but Bethenny’s attempt to bring her past issues to the surface will help her interact with her daughter in a more healthy way than most people who choose to suppress and avoid. And Bethenny does not appear to be a narcissist her sense of self esteem does not seem to be overly- inflated. While she may be attention seeking at times, I would not classify her as being a narcissist or having BDP or NPD because she does admit her flaws and take advice from others she cares about, plus in these instances therapy very rarely is successful, and her therapy seems to be having an impact. In addition in BDP, a past experience of attempted suicide or self injury is a necessary element for diagnosis. It is ignorant to assume such a diagnosis until her complete medical history is reviewed.

  • doloresd

    I think Bethenny is an attention seeker. Her Mother was a single Mom when Bethenny was 2. She was 21 years old. She went to the Interior Design school to better herself and taught at night to feed and shelter Bethenny. It appears the Mom was an over achiever just like Bethenny is. Bethenny admitted to her therapist her Mother didn’t abuse her. Lots of couples get into fights and have the police at the house. I think Bethenny should be grateful. Her Mother said she had ice and roller skating lessons and Bethenny lied on skating with the Stars and said she didn’t have any experience. That proves she is a liar. Her Mother didn’t abuse her. She may have neglected her daughter but it was out of necessity.

    • Teri

      I love you, Dolores. This is so well said. Bethenney better watch out or she may become the monster that she portrays her mother to have been. Watch out, Brin – you may have Mommy-Dearest in the making! From all I can gather, it seems that Bernadette did the best she could given her youth and estrangement from Bethenney’s bio father. That she may have drank a bit too much and had an emotional relationship with the step-father, so far as I can see Bethenney has the same tendency towards too much booze. Even if you are only drinking wine, you are still consuming alcohol and IMO she abuses it and her hair-trigger temperment shows the result thereof.

    • SickofIgnorance

      There are so many things wrong with a lot of these posts and especially your ignorant one…”Lots of couples get into fights and have the police at the house” really where the hell did you grow up? That is NOT ok nor normal…yes lots of people get into disagreements with their spouses, but when it escalates to the point of cops being called there is a definite problem. How scary for a child to witness….”she may have neglected her daughter but it was out of necessity”….out of necessity really? Exactly when is necessary to neglect your child?? Well guess what im a single mom, have been since my son was born and hes five now. I have done it ALL on my own. I put myself through college, own my own house and car and NEVER have I had to neglect my child. I hug and kiss and spend time with my child every day. I had a childhood filled with neglect and verbal abuse, it takes scares you very deeply. When you dont get any positive attention, never are hugged or kissed it slashes at your self worth. Abuse in any form is not OK, and neglect is a form of abuse. Good for Betheny for all that shes done and accomplished. Yeah its on the air, but who should sugar coat it happened.. and now that she has a family of her own and its going to open up a lot of those old wounds and feelings again..she is working through it and processing it..good for her for being able to open up and talk talk about it..and she is just being real, she is on a reality show and this is what she is really going through and dealing with on a day by day basis, why should she hide it?

      • lana

        well. g a reality actress is a choice…and having a nany to watch your kid while you building a bussines is what Bethenny does…and it is a choice…and not a good one. She shoudl take care of her baby…she has the money. Bryn may just grow up and tell Bethenny that she did not like being watched by ananies. And she may tell Bethenny that it was wrong of her not to let Jason parents take care of her. Just because you ha a rough childhood does not preclude you are this perfect person. Bethnny acting meangly toward her paretns is wrong. Does not matter if her mother had temper or not. Does not matter that she was raised by her stepfather (millions do). What matteres is that Bethenny assume that she is a good mother…but her actions sould be critisised and qustioned…why she stopped brestfeeding? Why she does not dedicate all her time to the baby? it is unimaginable to go for aceskating with the start while you hae a tyny premature baby to care for. I did not trust my children to anybody but my parents and in-laws. She does. Bryn already has tons to complain if she chooses so. It is the choice Betheny makes to throuwe a bucket of durt at her parents without any regurd that it is painfull for them to watch. Period

        • Brenna

          Seriously? WTH?

    • TEss

      Necessity?? Really? When is it EVER necessary to neglect a kid?? Please!

  • EastCoastKat

    @Cristallie Not so, there are many languages in Jamaica, different dialects, one local is called Jamaican Patois.

    “Jamaican Patois displays similarities to the pidgin and creole languages of West Africa, due to their common descent from the blending of African substrate languages with European languages.”

    I believe her (Bethenny), it is her story to tell, and that is that! Her mother was young and made mistakes, and really should admit to that but instead she calls her an outright liar and what does she think will happen now? We all make mistakes and we all perceive things differently, Bethenny was a child and her perception was that she was totally neglected by her mother and her mother’s perception was that she worked her fingers to the bone to support them, but then you have someone like Nina who validates that Bethenny was left for days with the nanny, exactly what Bethenny said. I just don’t think this was the way to go, the mother needs to try and heal the wounds of the past with Bethenny not create more, by calling her a liar! Too bad because I am sure many of Bethenny’s wonderful qualities are more than likely inherited from her mother as the other poster Kimberly said, that Bethenny’s mother was a wonderful teacher and person now if she could only admit that she just may have emotionally neglected Bethenny then maybe they could start healing and go from there…

  • Sabrina

    Omg- Bethenny looksssss just like her mother…

    • You are correct…That frequently happens between mothers and daughters…Go figure.

  • jaws

    sorry but it’s wierd to discuss ones personal life with the media knowing how they distort everything …
    famewhore bottom line ..
    we alll had difficult childhoods but the media is not the place to resolve a thing ..
    famewhore …
    & she has slandered everyone she has worked for & with…bad rep’ in nyc ,,,no friends ,,,

    • Jane

      If you think that “we all had difficult childhoods” then you did not have a difficult childhood. Easy. Normal. Difficult. Most people have childhoods with stability, love, and support. Few people have easy or difficult childhoods.

  • Jessica

    as someone who comes from an equally neglectful situation, seeing statements like “she may have neglected her daughter but only out of necessity” helps me further understand why i was treated this way. people have their friends to validate their retardation. after witnessing and being party to abuse, drug use, partying, neglect, police, neglect and my favorite “i should have aborted you.” type statements for the first 15 years of my life, airing dirty laundry about a horrible mother is something i can identify with. she should just be quiet about years of her life because it makes you uncomfortable to hear about it? then don’t watch the show.

  • TS

    Typical ignorant Baby Boomer BS … parents of today’s adults need to ADMIT they were ignorant about the emotional/psychological effects on their abused/neglected children. ADMIT IT!! You continue to harm when you deny, deny, deny.

    KUDOS to Bethenny for distancing herself from these toxic people. Blood IS NOT thicker than water.

    Now go buy yourself some psychology self-help books, BONNIE — and take some responsibility for yourself and your crappy parenting.

    How about an “I’M SORRY, BETHANNY” – for starters.

    Love to see Bethanny’s successess IN SPITE of the damage you’ve inflicted. Hope you hurt every day over the pain you’ve caused your daughter.

  • TS

    And now, after reading some of the above ignorant comments, I am once again reminded of how IMPORTANT it is that I am a psychotherapist. SO MUCH emotional abuse/neglect out there, and so many ignorant of the devastating effects.

    Blaming the victim is what we call it in the professional mental health world. And our knowledge is obviously NOT common knowledge.

    I continue to provide a truly necessary service ….

    • lana

      Bethenny felat that there was nobody to depend on. It is tipical for children that live with parents that are unhappy. I was not happy in my marriege and my daughter was worried about me. I was told that children assume paretns role when they find their parents
      are atruggling emotionaly. Having a child at 19 and beign abended would probably cause Bernardine to feel lost and srumble for survival. Millions of kids growing up in such environemnt are affected. But they do not grow up and assult their parents. My daughter does not. No matter if we fight, she would never brign the fight for the croud to watch. We are family and protect each other. In Amercia blaming parents for all the mistakes you make in life is what shrinks teaching us. You have to be a parent and dedicate your life to your children to be attacked once they grown up. is it that hard to love your parents even though they could of been depressed when they were young and did not have professor degree in child phyhology? Bethenny was not abused. So, tjhose that were abused do not identify yourself with her. She is a product of being rasied by devorcee and a stepfather. She is product of a teenage mother. She was fed and clothed and educated and her mother never abended her. Bethenny preferes to hurt her mother publicaly without giving one yota of credit to her. I would call it Amrica tragedy. her fther is dead. Still Bethenny
      is calling him asshole as if having a bit lf ‘let-go’ and let the man rest in peace is not in her vocabulary. I read that he paid for her education and supported her financialy when she got older.
      Also, he has a reputation in his profession. Let it rest Bethenny.
      Let him rest in peace already. Make sure your Bryn is not dramatised by your cracks when turkey dinner is not perfect. You traumatised Bryn on thanksgiving day. How many of those traumasa she will go throgh before she beliteres you on public television?
      Have a heart, accept people even if they are daying wrong by you.
      Be true to yoruself an stay tall. You really destryed your emage by
      pushing with your feet your entire family. It does not matter if your mother is saying bad things about you. She did not start it and it is wrong of her to do anyway. What matter is that you do say horible things about her and your father and you are destrying their lifes and reputations. What gain do you have for being so
      mean to them?

      • Brenna

        Is this the nanny that doesn’t speak “English?” This hurts my eyes and brain.

  • Lillian2

    Listening to a 40 year old woman with the emotional wherewithal of a 10 year old is beyond scary.. she has a sweet husband and he is clearly over his head with this train wreck. She will put this good soul through hell because she is all about herself and her tiresome whining parental problems. My daughter, who is in her Forties, refuses to watch her abuse Jason and his parents and has sworn off the show. I gave up on it after the second show..Have little to no patience for people who blame their parents for everything. Seen the clips of her birthday party? OMG another crying jag.. kill me now!

    • Maruschka

      Lillian2 you just keep coming back with mean posts. What’s YOUR problem? If you are not watching the show, why all the vitriol, and why do you keep posting? Who lit the fuse on your tampon?

      I guess it all comes down to perception. You see her as a narcissist and I see you as a narrow minded big mouth. See how it works?

      And Jaws… keep throwing around that word “whore”. That’s a great way to let everyone know IMMEDIATELY where you come from.

      • drdmr9

        who lit the fuse on your tampon? love it

  • Sad

    Yes, I too was a fan but it is dwindling. Bethenny is clearly a narcissist with perhaps some borderline personality issues, or at least histrionic personality disorder. She should have sorted out her past before taking on marriage and a child. But how many of us actually take the time to do this?

    She had a life she has made and she should be proud of it: a thriving career, a caring and lovely husband who clearly adores her, a beautiful daughter, inlaws who seem like the parents she never had.

    So stop whining already! It’s no longer cute or funny.

    If she and Jason are still married in five years it will be a miracle.

    • drdmr9

      I dont think this guy can survive five years with this nut job You can already see his reaction when he sees one of her crazy outburst coming like when she was getting he2r make up done for the party and he tried to lighten the mood with his split pants or at the party after he gives her these great earrings and shes freaking out what a b**** his parents are sweet but i would love to see what they really think of her when the2re home alone talking to each other Jasons mom actually seems a little afraid of her

      • kathy

        he can for 120 million

    • Very well put I agree completely, the whinning and complaining is not intertaining and getting old. I also feel she may not be so honest in the episode where they are in Canada, Jason and Bethany bicker over buying a 40.00 appx. Christmas ornament, when my husband just read she is worth 120, million and was laughing about reality t.v. I guess she is laughing all the way to the bank. Take my advice do something more constructive with your time,

  • mommamiya

    Wow…talk about ‘Mean Girls’. Reading this site I’m wondering if there are mature adults discussing the long-term effects of an unstable upbringing, OR Jr. High ‘catty, obnoxious, haters’. Seriously, if you have no compassion for Bethenny or her situation why do you watch the show or are even involved in this discussion? Haters obviously don’t enjoy watching a person trying to make a living and have a stable family when she has had no positive modeling. Do you just enjoy hating on vulnerable people? (Kind of sick don’t you think?) Bethenny hides behind her sense of humor to deflect attention on her vulnerabilities. If you had a crappy childhood and have rebounded well, then good for you. Everyone is different. We don’t handle the same problems the same way. Seriously haters, go work in a soup kitchen or clean up a park or something. Mean People Suck!

    • Maruschka

      RIGHT ON! I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for this thoughtful post. Bethenny is to be admired for her candor and her sense of humor. She says she is grateful for her new family and loves them, knows she is flawed but strives to do better, is embarrassed for her emotions, is going thru the hard work of therapy, but just wants to prevent perpetuation of what her mother did, which is honest and admirable.

      But these folks just don’t want to hear that part.

  • lynn

    It is very true that part of breaking the cycle is speaking up and looking into what that abuse or neglect has done to you as an adult. Some parents treat there children a certain way because they were treated that way. It takes a huge person to look into why her mother treated her that way and STOP the neglect and abuse from going any further. Many people do not even realize the affects their childhood has had on their lives until they go through major events in their lives. I have the utmost respect for her and showing the world you know what I didn’t have a normal upbringing and I realize that is why I am the way I am BUT it stops here with me. I will change my family dynamics going forward and bring the love to my child that I did not feel. Abuse emotional or physical is just as traumatic and to go through that as a scared child not able to discuss your feelings or feel comforted is heartbreaking. She is looking for the attention she missed out on and the love she deserved as a child. It’s not easy to feel as if you fit in when you feel so different. I hope she gets the healing she needs and deserves. Give the girl a break you’ll never understand a person until you walk a mile in their shoes.

    • Sue

      This woman was not Abused!! Give me a freakin break! Who hasn’t witnesses parent arguments? Was she locked in a closet with cigarette burns? She was denied nothing. She plays on public sympathy and that my friends is a con artist just like the fake homeless people. Wake the hell up. Go talk to any social worker or CPS staff and you’ll learn what abuse really is.

  • wicked g

    bethanny stankin frankin is a typical bullshitter, anything to suck up valuable tv time and money. what do u expect her mummy does not like to hear stanky there airing lies. judging her mother 4 trying to make a dollar. her mom should try lying and bull shitty like b ditty there

    • Maruschka

      Wicked grammar. Sigh.

    • kar

      Dont judge if you had a great childhood,its great she talks about it

  • K. Marie

    I truly believe those who are bashing Bethenney for speaking publicly about her past is doing so because their past is probably shady by some wrong they’ve done to somebody. But before you remove the splinter out of your brothers/sisters eye remove the mote (tree stub) out of yours. Honestly people let’s stop being soo hostile and accusatory–and have a little compassion NO ONE IS PERFECT let’s take this show and others hardships as learning lessons, a mirror to take a look at ourselves.

    • lana

      Ican tell you that i had the best childhood…not because i had alot of dresses or shoes or toys. Not because my mom stayd home and took care of e (she worked). I feel good bout my childhood because my parents had good intentions in theor hearts. No parent is perfect and no parent is educated in child phyhology. So, a good parent is the one who doing the best they can…not the oce who do everyithing right…nobody does. You have to have goodness in your heart to treat your parents kindly not because they are perfect but because they did they best they knew how. Bethenny
      is shaming her parents. She is using audience that watching he
      to paint her parent with blank paint-only. Not one good word, not one acknowledgemt that she is sucessful because of her upbringing.
      Perfect or not. So, i am comming from a place of knowing who i am because i feel good about my parents. it is mean-spirited to
      go on public television and trush your parents as if the intentionaly had evol intentions toward her. For all her mother is, I do not see her as hurting Bethenny because she new what she was doing. She just was too emature and had a temper. Bethenny in many waays is like her and uses f word and sexual jokse while her daughter is present. But betheny simply does not realise that her daughter is ‘getting’ from her her negative energy. Bethenny thinks sheis a great toher because she thinks good of her mother hood. Period. SO, i am not critisising bethenny because i done wrong things in my life. An opposite, i have 2 grown children and 4 greatchildren and they all live within 5 minuted from me.
      We just get this’ family-love’ like jason does. Not because we all perfect, but because we love each other despite the problems.
      ZMy parents crossed the world to help me here in USE at age of 70 when i had my second child here and was all alone. This is what
      family means. Sticking it together and learning to care for each other through think and thin. bethenny luck of comprehention is spilling into her misstreatment of Jason parents and Bryn by keeping her granperents at bay. Very sad to watch

      • Holy crap Iana learn how to spell!!!

  • Respect

    Until someone has been in the same situation as bethenny, you’re not entitled to an opinion! Bethenny is a wonderful mom, and has worked hard for her fame/what she has…

  • Kara

    I don’t worry about her husband or her daughter at all, her husband loves her the way she is and supports her that is hard to find, and Bethanny is a good Mom she loves her daughter and thinks of first and wants the total opposite for her then what she had for herself in her childhood. I understand where she comes from and why she is who she is today, and I believe her because of who she is and the way she behaves she spends her life now trying to overcome her whole childhood and that’s not an easy thing to do and when you have a Mom that won’t take responsibility for her actions that makes it harder. You only see what’s on T.V. reality T.V is never really what it seems. I was not abused as a kid, but being from a family of 8 adopted kids many with disabilities I’m the only biological the oldest as well I was very ignored and pushed away I still am, the rest of my family speaks everyday or still lives at home even at adult stage, I have my own problems that goes into my life now and you can see it when you know my whole story, you just don’t get over it or move on, you just wake up everyday and try your best. There is much more to her story, maybe people who are discussed by her should read her book learn more about her and her story.

  • Paige

    To hell with all these uneducated, emotionally challenged posters who have the nerve to say bethanney is narccisistic or borderline. Those types have no empathy, which would be her opposite! She has the biggest heart and has shown a very sensitive and vulnerable side. Guess what, most adults of abuse (whichever kind) have issues in their adulthood. And, bravo to her for seeking therapy and especially sharing it with her audience. Maybe she will help others who also feel slighted by their upbringing. “getting over your childhood” is much easier said than done. Our childhood shapes our brain, so obviously it can’t be undone at will. Her mother should be apologizing, if anything. Bethanney is an inspiration to many of us.

    • Gail

      You are right…if her mom was anything of a good mom she would admit to all this and try to help Bethenny get through all this…she would not be out there bad mouthing her daughter…she would be trying to do anything to repair this relationship. Bryn surely does not need a grandmother like her in her life. And yes for all those haters…why the hell do you watch the show??? Turn the tv to another station…if you have nothing good to say then keep your mouths shut. Bethenny is an inspiration…I love her, love her show and wish her nothing but the best in life.

    • Sue


  • tk

    Not all families are close and loving. I do understand her family, because I also have no relationship with my parents. It is painful not to have the love and support of your parents. I am also open and honest about it too. It is a healthy way of dealing with the relationship. It isn’t about being a victim or being ashamed of my past. I accept and own what was and is and let it go. It doesn’t control me or make me less in any way. I have also forgiven them. They are self-centered people and didn’t have the skills or desire to care for children. Their childhood and how things were done back then are different.

    Forgiveness isn’t saying it is alright what they did! It is about accepting they don’t/can’t love you and giving up the hope that it could have been different. If I didn’t accept it I would have wasted my short life on trying to get them to love me when they are just not capable. We must accept people for where they are and if we can’t then that is ok. Society pressures parents and children to make up. I can’t tell you how many people say that’s your mom you should…… Love is not unconditional! You beat me with anything you can get your hands on, and kick me out of the house when I am 10, call me every name in the book, refuse to feed and cloth me you can’t expected me to respect and love you just because you gave birth to me. I don’t owe you for life. The adults have a responsibility.

    So, please don’t judge something you have no knowledge about. There is no need to feel sorry for me either. The reality is that I am who I am because of my experiences and that includes the neglect and abuse of my parents. I am as God intended!

    • lana

      Your chilhood is ore extreme hen Bethenny. She was clothed and educated and fed. And she does not let go and still playing victim. That is not the point. She can choose to be friendly with her mom or not. But it is not choice to go and trush your mother for millions to know and trush your father who is known and famous. That does nto cure Bethenny by any meagure. It makes her
      into mean-spirited, playing victim person. She should have dealt with it privetly. You trying toexplain yoru parents. Bethenny does not. She just does not care less. Her mother can disapier from the earth, she would not shed a tear. Her father is dead, yet she calles him ans asshole for millions to listen. She is the same
      mental case as her parents. That is for sure. She just likes
      to use her childhood for the millions to feel bad for her at expence of her parents literally. Her mother probably is a diferent person compare to what she was at age of 19 and left alone to raise a child. yet Bethenny does not care one way or another. She is acting as if she had a match, she would set her mother on fire for everybody to watch. How does that puts her in control of her life? It does not matter how bad her parents were.
      What we are talking about how badly Bethenny treats them. Period.

      • Crystal Spurlock-Mayfield

        I am having the worst time trying to read your comments! USE AUTO CORRECT!

  • jessica

    Bethanny let Gina go.Find yourself another nanny…..a good spiritual honest and compassionate lady.This Gina she appears to be into woodoo…i saw the way she was dancing at that”church”.Open your eyes when it comes to your baby….find someone like your mother in law.
    Stay away from Jill.

    • “Woodoo”?????? Please tell me that was a misspelling?? And Jessica Open your tiny little mind for a moment and think about how hateful your comment was. You just sound ridiculous!

  • Kerrie

    I just wish Bethany would quit saying such negative things about her in laws! They seem like wonderful people who have raised a son who is loving enough to put up with Bethanys issues. She is always talking about how cheap his father is and I think that is just wrong. That will cause issues in her relationship with them and they have accepted her into their family and want to love her, she should be happy to have a second chance with a loving family this time around.

  • Bobbie

    Was home sick all week,so got to watch the new season (to date )in one day.(DVR)All you haters stop watching!! How anyone can say this young woman is “Emotionally Unstable” makes me shake my head and laugh.Hello??? Bethanny has built her own way in life.Love,love this show.IN-Laws..STAY out of Bethanny’s kitchen.

  • lana

     If bethenny is really good, shy is she mean to Jason parent in front of Bryn? She has money, so she is not allowed to be criticized. Money buys respect…right? wrong!.
    She throws tantrums just like her mother was doing it. SO, Bryn should grow up and through Bethenny under the bus? Bethenny want to move Bryn far away from Jason parent. How is that not neglecting Bryn interest? It is in Bryn interest to be surrounded by family. And family must include grandparents. Ability to relate is priceless.
    Bethenny makes herself priority and Bryn is a toy to play with.
    If Bethenny would be in touch with reality and complete, she would
    never move her child away from loved ones. Jason is a great son and Bethenny just playing on his ‘niceness’ to push her priority
    as the only priority. Jason should learn to byte. Bethenny can teach him how it is done. She is mirror of her parents. Bethenny, Bethenny, grow up, become victorious, not pitiful, allow some
    respect for the goodness that your parent did provide you with.
    Stop belitering and concentrating on negative thins only.
    You just do not know how to be happy. You like being unhappy. SO, you mother and father are perfect targets for ‘blaming’ game to excuse your anxieties. Pick your battles. Find something good to hold on to.

  • HulaLady

    She’s rich, get some private help, it’s about time she just grow up and face life. Thank goodness the Hoppy’s are so gracious; embarrassing for all including Bethany. Jason, I think you made a huge mistake. She can cry, rant and rave about her past and what it’s done to you, but NOT ONE single kiss that she gave you on air was real. Bravo should start a new show LIFE WITHOUT BETHANY!!!!

  • crystal

    i must say…she is a pathalogical liar…i grew up with just as much drama as she has… life was rough…. and for me to complain about my childhood is something of the norm….. but we all didnt have such normal childhoods….. my mom was abused apparently.( i was tooo young to understand)……and when i was 5 my dad died …….. and instead of sending me away for school i grew up in a foster home till i was 9…..soooo booo hooo for her…im sorry but at least she had food n a roof over her head…..n im still struggling n so is my mom…but i love her regardlesss….at least i know she did HER best…. i will admit im a lil crazy but can control it….shes just looking for someone to blame bc she grew up spoiled….. and YES she is absolutely nuts….. taha…. So bethenay live with it…..and GROW….lol… and i send you best regards…n i hope you will end the cycle…. i love your show n you are awesome…. i am giving constructive criticsm….. <3

    • Molly

      You’re just seething with envy…. yuk!

  • Mariel

    Wow,it is apparent that if you had really came from an abusive home you would totally relate to her struggle.the damage done to you in childhood haunts you forever.

    I feel everything little thing she goes through because I can relate 100%,don’t ridicule her,for me it is comforting to know I am not alone that this gorgeous wonderful successful person is hurting too, you see you sometimes doubt yourself because when you put things into words they never sound as severe as the impact it had,don’t worry about Bryn she will be the very best mother ever born,one important lesson learnt from childhood abuse – you will not repeat the abuse.In actual fact she will probably be too good a mother .

    • Sue


  • Catherine

    Bethenny is an amazing mother,, Just because stuff is on TV people somehow set different standards of how people should act, what they should do etc. Its ridiculous.

  • Samira

    I really truly cannot believe some of the horrible comments people are leaving.I feel so sorry for her, she had an abusive childhood and was always opened about her relationship with her family. And If she wasn’t and the media got hold of it , it would of then turned into another attack on her and so on. From season 1 of Desperate housewives all she wanted was to be loved and have a family of her own, is this so bad ? During the Third season her so called best friend manage to get the girls to gang up on her during the time she needed them most.And can I just say I really cant believe Jill Zarin was so mean to her and i think she deserved everything she got and more, Bethenny shuld just ignore her for the rest of her life. I have been watching her through the years and im truly happy for her. You dont know how you would act in certain situation unless your in it. Its her life and if she wants to tell us about it, i will be one of the people listenning and if you dont want to then just cover your hears. I’m sure she understand that when you chose to be in the lime light, you are accepting that some people wont like you or have anything nice to say, but its just not nice when people are saying your not going to be a good mum, she is human and I’m sure she has feelings and comment like that would hurt her.she went through her ups and downs on camera and we in England UK love her for being open, she made me want to be her friend.She made us realise that a girl can have all

  • Dan

    I don’t know if anything that Bethanny has said about her mother would warrant her from not having a relationship with her mother. I think a lot of mother/daughter’s have had worse relationships growing up and still have a better relationship growing up.

    I think Bethanny is a control freak and was probably a handful as a child. I think Jason seems to be perfect for her becuase he will put up with it to a point and then pull her back to reality.

    You can see how nice Jason’s parents are and she HATES being around them.

  • DrDoll

    Bernadette is totally bulimic, look at those chipmunk cheeks! I should know, my mom was bulimic and looked just like that. All that puking causes the salivary glands to swell — can’t hide it no matter how much plastic surgery you have.

    • BellaMagnoliaRos’e

      bethenny has big cheeks…. i think we will soon find out that bethenny is a “clone” of her mother….if i was wittnessing my mother sufferring as bethenny’s mother alledgelly did, i would try to help my mother…..we only get one chance of having our mothers….bethenny is doing the very exact thing, driving down the very same road she blamed her mother for….and has made up her mind that it’s all her mother’s fault….good luck Bryn…one day you will grow up and hopefully u will look back at the pattern and reconize how to not fall prey to it….and pray that u have a lot of your daddy in you….you look just like his mother……

  • Bottom line here folks…..some people don’t like Bethaney because she is a strong woman, a survivor. And god forbid she be a strong woman, survivor and good looking have a beautiful daughter and a great husband. She speaks her mind and calls a ball a ball………get over it people and jump off the crap truck and worry about real things like the state of our country. Bethaney Frankle is an awesome successful woman….keep up the good work Bethaney

  • Ra

    After she filed for divorce her mother seems to be telling the truth!

  • shesnosaint_knowthat

    She wasn’t “throwing” her performances, anyone who goes on Dancing With The Stars and skates will get voted off right away.